Dickmans Design

John Stuart
In December, Dickmans Design, a high-end graphic design company, underwent a major facelift. Not only did the firm launch a new and improved website, it underwent a metamorphosis.

Dickmans still creates paysite tours, video-on-demand sites, solo model sites, animation, company logos, live chat sites, print ads and many other custom design jobs, but the new site reflects a significant growth in the company's business model.

CEO Bruno Dickman continues to run the Sao Paulo, Brazil-based company with his partner, Mike Dickman, and the pair decided to expand its services to meet a need they noticed in all of their clients.

"When we work on a project, we're concerned with having a holistic perspective," Bruno Dickman said. "We look into what kind of information architecture the project should have and what accessibility measures we should adopt to ensure that the target audience will be reached. We always look into what sort of interaction strategy we should have in order to make sure the surfers will have an exciting browsing experience."

The basic policy at Dickmans is to meet directly with the client to learn that company's mission and goals for the short, medium and long term. Once that's established, the client chooses either the premium service or the value-based service that Dickmans offers.

"For companies that are trying to establish a brand, the discussion will be more philosophical," Bruno Dickman said. "For companies with a strong brand, we'll talk about the structure of online tours, either tweaking them or redesigning them completely. Sometimes the client needs concept design, and sometimes the client just needs some changes in the information architecture.

Dickmans client list is impressive: Hustler, Playboy, Vivid and Shane's World are among the scores of high-profile companies that use the design firm's services. And since Dickmans' parent company is the mainstream firm Online Performance Group, the outfit has designed websites for the automotive and the food and beverage industries as well.

"We work with people worldwide," he said. "We're very committed to respecting the brand of our clients, and this is why our price is higher than the competition. Companies appreciate that we care about the respectability of their brand and not just the financial numbers. They're getting strategic planning behind design services in a structure that not only has designers but also has planners, information architecture people and four people handling client care."

Bruno Dickman also believes that the success of his company has as much to do with the people of the adult industry as it has with the people in-house.

"We definitely didn't get to this point alone," he said. "Our friends from the adult industry — Alec Helmy, YNOTBob, the Moss Sisters, Quentin Boyer, Mike Price, Leslie Sharp, Mike Webair, Platinum Dave and so many others — have helped us tremendously along the way. "And our crew is not only our crew — we're a family."