Ahead of the Pack

Stephen Yagielowicz
Recently, XBIZ World Magazine asked several adult industry players, "How do you make your company stand out in such a highly competitive market?"

Here's what they had to say:

Tantus toys are handcrafted from 100-percent ultra-premium, platinum silicone. This superior blend of Tantus silicone makes Tantus toys the world's best soft toys for adults. Tantus is dedicated to informing both retailers and consumers of the benefits of choosing Tantus. Our newly designed packaging is sophisticated, educational and retail smart.
— Jeff Muesse, Business Relations Coordinator, Tantus Inc.

Besides having built a strong reputation for the quality and innovative designs and features of our products, marketing plays a huge part in our success: A regular advertising program — along with editorial support, in-store marketing tools and displays and regular visits to our customers. California Exotic Novelties has made our business very "personal," and we are a reliable brand presence.
— Al Bloom, Marketing Manager, California Exotic Novelties

We focus on education, sex-positivity and non-judgmental attitudes. By having these added values beyond merely toys, books and videos, we're offering our customers ways of bringing sex into their lives in a more expansive way. Our stores, catalog and website offer educational materials, erotica, blogs and product information.
— Jonathan Plotzker, Senior Director of E-Commerce and Merchandising, Good Vibrations

Stockroom.com pre-dates the market! We have been selling products on the Internet since 1989, even before there was a World Wide Web, offering high-quality BDSM gear at reasonable prices and providing excellent customer service. I think the key to our standing-out (and success) has been rather simple — honesty, integrity and hiring as many artists as possible.
— Juli Crockett, Marketing Director, JT's Stockroom

Our company is the only company that is a real movie club. Our business model is similar to the Columbia Record House Club, except we took all the sucky parts out — there's no contract and no minimum number to buy. That's really what differentiates us from everyone else.
— Pamela Butkowski, Owner, DVDsforaBuck.com