Welcome to my Blog

Tom Hymes
I’m starting a blog. It will mostly alternate between earnest, sarcastic and angry postings, depending on my mood, which may shift in mid-sentence. I will not be able to inform readers of such shifts, however, as I am often unaware of them as they happen. Posts will not always be defined by emotion, but I do tend to think that blogs should incorporate personal responses, so don’t be surprised if and when I let it all hang out. It’ll pass.

I’ve been writing all sorts of stuff about the adult entertainment industry for about 8 years now, but this is the first time I have engaged the blogosphere. My intention is to make a real blog, which I define as frequent postings that contain links to stories, articles, commentaries and other blogs about which I will provide commentary.

Because I also think blogs should bare what other methods tend to conceal, I also expect to get into trouble from time to time, and perhaps far more often. I may even reveal some of the many egregious and potentially inflammatory things I have learned over the months and years. Time will tell.

So that’s about it for now. I’m excited to be blogging years after 90% of the population started their own blogs. That’s perfect timing for me. Also to note, we do not have a Comment capability at this time, but if you want to reply to anything I write, please send an email to tom@xbiz.com. I’ll try to be really good about posting up cogent responses.