Hard Drive Space

Stephen Yagielowicz
As programs become more advanced and file sizes are getting progressively larger, that 40GB hard drive you have may be filling up quickly.

Hard drive space has quickly become a commodity, particularly for gamers and video buffs and has left many scrambling for a swift means of finding out what files or folders are responsible for taking up the bulk of their system space. If purchasing a large external drive is out of the question, shareware utilities are available that will calculate file and folder size and present them in a tree format hierarchically by size.

Our favorite of the bunch is TreeSize, which offers a clear picture of what's on your hard drive with multiple viewing options and sorting capabilities.

TreeSize can easily help you clear up some much-needed space and is available as a free download here: www.download.com/TreeSize/3000-2248_4-10355121.html?tag=txt.