Tired of Harassment?

Eric Matis
Is anyone else getting tired of the government's harassment of our industry? Or for that matter, are you getting tired of the government's double standard against our industry? Should the government really be spending this much time and effort trying to lock down a legitimate industry? Especially when all the actual child porn busts out there include everyone under the sun — except the adult entertainment industry. I mean, we're talking school teachers, firemen and other regular citizens. But you're not seeing any adult webmasters on that list! And you won't! Why? Quite simply because the adult industry is, and has been for years, run just like any other legitimate business.

I guess living six days of sin and one day of repentance means everything to these people. Of course, only as long as no one knows about what sins they are committing in those six days.

I remember talking to someone who worked for the Republican Party during the last election and heard stories about how at the Republican Convention, at night, many of the politicians and attendees went to a strip club and had lookout scouts so that if the press or anyone got close, they could scurry out the back door.

Are these guys really the same ones who preach to us about how our industry is the decay of society? Or are they really just saying what the Moral Majority wants to hear, knowing that shutting us down will never be accomplished?

I personally think the latter is more plausible and also closer to the truth. These individuals are masters of manipulation. In the end, all they really want is to keep the political positions they hold. But we continue to jump through hoops to keep up with the laws and regulations they put in front of us.

Will they ever actually use these laws to come down on the industry as a whole? Or will they just use them as another tool to try and pick off the occasional low-hanging fruit that will keep their constituents happy and voting for them for another however many years?

Eric Matis, Vice President of Marketing, Adult.com