The Old Dog and Pony Show

Jason Edwards
It used to be about "show me the money" and who can make you the most money. Now it's about who has the best song and dance. It's a gimmick now. In the old days it used to be who paid on time, who offered what and who had good business relationships. Now it's all about anyone signing up for a NATS account and having their own program. It's hard to get traffic from the big guys, so you have to have this little dog and pony show to get it.

These guys have a small sponsorship party, they go out and get drunk, they take pictures of themselves — all just to make a name for themselves. But what it comes down to is they have a bunch of fluff, and fluff doesn't sell memberships and fluff doesn't make any real money. You're not going to have any longevity with fluff.

In terms of sponsorship programs, it's the same 5 percent of people controlling all of the traffic. It seems everybody's got a revshare program. So when I give the fluff a chance, I'm wasting my money and wasting my traffic because it never works out. All these paysites and revshare programs just don't work out. Leave it to the professionals.

Jason Edwards, founder of affiliate program PornDollar, president of OhMobile and director of marketing for Cybererotica affiliate program CECash