Torture This

Tom Hymes
Late 2006 prediction! This will be the year adult webmasters are tortured by the U.S., maybe through rendition. You heard it here first, boys and girls.

The sad fact is that Big Brother has to watch you, and eventually has to torture you. The evolution of adult diversions demands it. It is practically pre-ordained. Here is how it works;

The same logic that supports the reasoning behind the mass collection of data on American citizens without their knowledge also applies to spending millions of dollars and man hours to harass the purveyors and consumers of adult sexual expression. In the same way the Pope has to try to make you feel guilty about your raging hormones, and maybe damn you to hell under certain circumstances, the government has to craft laws that knowingly and proudly follow you and yours into your bedroom. But not only is it true, it is only going to get more invasive and widespread.

The same line of reason follows with respect to the Patriot Act and NSA spying; new technologies mandate the creation of enhanced law enforcement tools and the authority to use them, or the authority to not seek the authority to use them, whichever comes first. The reasoning, which is pliable (yet sturdy), is neutral as to the crime, and the manner in which it manifests is well established. The legislature defines the state's interest; if challenged, the courts refine the limitations of that interest; and the Justice Department and Homeland Security serve as muscle along the way. Sometimes, legislators actually have all parties' interests in mind and craft laws that actually serve a purpose, but more often there is a goal in mind, and the participation of all interested parties is precisely what is not desired, but I digress.

For the attorneys, the law churns away at its own stately pace, and wisdom hopefully unfolds as the result of a succession of deliberate and thoughtful analyses, and that is, of course, as it should be. But in the meantime, a governmental paradigm is being developed that is far less tolerant of individual rights. This new paradigm is philosophical in nature and not limited to any area of thought or life, but it also is clear in its intentions and intolerant in its point of view. It takes certain established "givens" and out of them creates policies and goals and develops strategies by which to achieve them.

In our case, the state seems to have certainly established its goals and strategies and apparently has little interest in "opening a dialogue." The fact that the state's various interests with respect to sexual activity are clumsy and ill defined, and all more so with respect to the creation of adult expression, has done nothing to dampen its sense of entitlement or its zeal to make its will known. (Talk about a God complex!)

Unfortunately, this is also a very serious business, and I mean emotionally. The money is one thing, but the sex drives people crazy and makes them do things they would not otherwise think of doing … just like at Abu Ghraib. Right now, the table is being set. Connections are already being made between the filth we produce as a culture and our ability to conduct foreign policy. It was only a matter of time before the blame for the war fell on porn. One day soon, some unlucky bastard's number will come up, and he will find himself bound, gagged and bound again... or Beirut, or Islamabad, or Tehran! Then, the others will start disappearing one by one.