Holiday Season Sales

Stephen Yagielowicz
Recently, XBIZ World magazine asked a group of industry leaders, "What affect does the holiday season have on your sales?"

Here's what they had to say:

"Like most other product retailers, the holidays are very good to us. During this time, people are looking to buy tangible gifts for their friends and family. One area that we see the biggest jump growth in sales versus nonholiday period is our membership gift cards. We customize these gift cards for the big holidays, and because of how anonymous the cards are, people tend to gravitate towards them."
— Anh Tran, Founder,

"We find that with students off from college and employees home for the holidays, traffic and joins are both up. The holiday seasons are unlike both the spring and summer breaks. Instead of enjoying the outdoors, people are inside spending more time on their computers. We look forward to this time of year and incorporate holiday themes in our marketing."
— Marc S., CEO, DRMWrap Solutions Inc.

"Business is great over the holidays. Sales pick up around November and remain high through Valentine's Day. Everyone needs just the right gift to make their special someone's holiday a little more 'exciting,' and we definitely have the inventory to accomplish that task."
— Erica "EB" Blaine, National Sales Account Manager, Adam & Eve

"We actually perform pretty well during the holidays, especially on days like Christmas and Valentine's Day when those without family might be feeling lonely and reach out for some porn to chase away the holiday blues. In fact, last year Christmas Day was one of our best days for sales. We also shoot special content for the holidays. There are all kinds of myths in the business about periods of time that are good or bad for sales, but I think it all comes down to what you plan for."
— Rainey Stricklin, VP Marketing,

"From a content provider's point of view, I've noticed over the years that sales typically dip quite dramatically over the holidays. Pretty much from second week of December right through until about a week after Vegas Internext, I slow right down. Our industry heads immediately from the holiday hangover to the biggest tradeshow of the year, so people naturally have a lot of other things on their mind. Usually about a week after Vegas, things pick up again."
— Ron Stewart, Account Manager, PlugInFeeds

"We find that sales usually go down in December because the holidays give us a shorter selling period. Lots of consumers aren't buying adult videos because they're spending time with their families. But in January, sales take off like gangbusters."
— Richard Arnold, Managing Partner, Pure Play Media

"The holidays are great for our sales. People don't want to spend the holidays alone, and it seems like everyone wants to find a date. In the past we've seen an increase in traffic to the site, and we've also seen our conversion ratios improve."
— Adam S.,

"If you're in the bathing suit business, sales are going to be slow in the winter because nobody is swimming. In December, everyone [in adult] is getting ready for the shows, and nobody wants to spend money, but it doesn't affect my business much."
— Rob Spallone, Starworld Productions

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