Achievements and Challenges

Stephen Yagielowicz
Recently, XBIZ World magazine asked a group of industry leaders, "What were some of the achievements and challenges you faced this year?"

Here's what they had to say:

"2005 has been an interesting year at Zofex. As everyone knows, revised regulations under 18 U.S.C. Section 2257, which were approved by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on May 17, were published on May 24. This prompted us to totally rewrite our software to ensure that our customers would be in compliance with the law. Version 2.0 of our compliance software is designed to be a stand-alone system at our client's business location that facilitates the management of 2257 records."
— Nicholas Dekay, CIO Zofex Inc.

"I think our biggest achievement resulted from a challenge from our affiliates. There was a time when TGP traffic was not the highest traffic preference. If your program received any, great, but it certainly wasn't a priority. We decided it was time to educate ourselves in the TGP and MGP game. In hindsight, that was one of the better decisions we made last year. When we launched TCGv3, we came out of the gate offering a lot of the tools TGP guys were looking for."
— Lauralee, Sales Director, Trafficcashgold

"It's been an exciting year for Vindicia. We've expanded our customer base; we're working with merchants in Europe on new vertical market segments such as adult phone fantasy services and live cam sites. A challenge we continue to work hard on is to educate merchants about credit card chargebacks and demystify the topic. They need to know that digital goods merchants and service providers can successfully prevent, dispute and win chargebacks."
— Marcus Segal, Vice President, Operations, Vindicia Inc.

"Our biggest achievement to date, hands down, was working with Digital Playground and Adam and Eve to supply the 'Muzik' composition and sound design for the groundbreaking adult feature film 'Pirates' — what an honor. Our continuing challenge is to help the adult industry realize the importance of Muzik being placed in their adult content. From filmed content and web jingles to online site music, Skin Muzik could help the industry not only from a legal standpoint, but as an added value to the content they are supplying."
— AJ, CEO, Skinmuzik

"This has been a highly successful year for everyone at ChargeMeLater. We've met every challenge and goal for 2005. Obviously, whenever you're introducing a new alternative billing solution in a competitive marketplace, it's still an uphill battle. Our battle for federal approval was hard-won, too. We're very fortunate in that we've had the support of some forward-thinking partners and clients, including, Mansion Productions, ElectraCash, Too Much Media, 2000Charge, SilverCash, TotemCash and many others."
— Stephane Touboul, CEO,

"Our biggest achievement was the success of new projects like the 'Kill Girl Kill' films from Eon Mckai and 'Joanna's Angels' from I look at these projects like my babies, and working with new talented directors brings me a great deal of creative joy. I'm also ecstatic about the huge success of Britney Rears. There's nothing like a movie with a hook, and this one had a colossal one. It was a fun project to promote, and I look forward to many more with her and the X-Play team.
— Peter Reynolds, Vice President Of Marketing And Sales, Vca

"2005 has been a very good year for us here at Sunny Dollars. Some of the highlights are the success of our Hot Movie Sites, the new redesign of the Sunny Dollars site and the opening of Fortunately we didn't face many challenges this year, but like most everyone else in this industry, we did feel the effects of the new 2257 regulations. We are looking forward to 2006 with anticipation."
— Mr. Red, CEO, Sunny Media Group

"The biggest challenge for us was meeting clients needs for their foreign billing. The biggest accomplishment was pulling the right team together to localize the languages, currencies, payment methods, regulatory compliance and customer service to make it happen."
— Clay Douglass, President,

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