Your Company Name

Stephen Yagielowicz
Recently, XBIZ World magazine asked a group of industry leaders, "How did you come up with your company name?"

Here's what they had to say:

didn't want to restrict ourselves by simply basing it on my site, VanillaCash, or the like. We wanted something fun and memorable. Monkey is one of my nicknames among family and friends, and I think you can figure out where we got the Porn part. PornMonkey Cash represents a quality, trustworthy program that knows how to have fun while making all of us money."
— Vanilla Deville, President/CEO,

"Everyone's a critic, and most people acknowledge that two heads are better than one. That's pretty much how the Porn Critics name came about. We're a group of individuals with an incredible knack for helping web surfers find the best 'bone for your buck' porn on the Internet. We do the work for you — weeding through the bombs and finding the diamonds in the rough."
— Mike &Quot;Alky&Quot; Freedman, Owner, The Porn Critics

"When I was stripping, there was another guy in one of my shows named John, so an emcee starting calling me Evil John to differentiate us. At the same time, I had a girlfriend who called herself Angel when she did strip shows. She was a very nasty girl, and I suggested that she call herself Evil Angel. She didn't, but I loved the name and wound up using it for my company."
— John &Quot;Buttman&Quot; Stagliano, President, Evil Angel

"About three years ago, I was in a deep transition period. My family's company, Rain Productions, wasn't doing well. There were lots of new companies eating into our sales. A friend who runs a replication house pointed out that our movies were light and fluffy compared to what was happening in the industry. So, we decided to start producing titles that were harder and more intense. Adding the word 'acid' to our company name seemed like a good way to sum up the new direction. But if I had it to do over again, I'd probably pick something completely unrelated to rain, like 'volcano.'"
— Mitchell Spinelli, Owner, Acid Rain

"For the name of the company, I was looking for a short, easy to remember name that webmasters would associate with the general ideology of our company. I was looking at the first reality sites out there, and for me it was a no-brainer that sending traffic to quality sites would convert better. The general branding idea was: Don't send your surfers to the usual three-tour pages site. Chose our quality products. Use your brain! After that, it was just normal to associate 'brain' and 'cash' together."
— Frederic Valiquette, President,

"When Mitch [Farber]and I were thinking of names for Netbilling, we were certain the name had to meet the following criteria: It would be available to incorporate with the identical or almost identical name of the website; it would leave no questions as to what focus our services were; the website would have to be available in a dot-com rather than a dot-net domain; and it would not contain so many characters that our customers would be unable to remember how to spell our website."
— Sarah Farber, CEO, Netbilling

"In 1997, the word 'naked' was one of the top searched-for terms on the Internet related to sex. We threw around some ideas, but 'sword' with its obvious sexual symbolism was one of our early favorites. The image conjured by the two words together — NakedSword — was strong, direct and aggressive. And in the face of a sex-phobic culture, it really embodied the mission of our pro-porn, pro-sex, progay site."
— Reena Patel, Director, Strategic Accounts And Marketing,

"The name T3Report just came to me as a quick buzz word name that has a techie feel to it. In the real estate world, the top three important factors are 'Location, Location, Location.' T3Report, which builds up traffic reports through spidering the adult Internet space, stands for 'traffic, traffic, traffic' — the top three important factors on the web."
— Brandon Shalton, CEO, T3 Report, Cydata Services