Industry Relationships

Stephen Yagielowicz
Recently, XBIZ World magazine asked a group of industry leaders, "How much of your success would you attribute to industry relationships?"

Here's what they had to say:

"Industry relationships have been a key ingredient to our success at We value our relationships with industry leaders and look forward to maintaining them. These relationships, combined with our commitment to continue to turn out profitable products, will ensure future success."
— Gerard Della Porta, Global Partner,

"I don't think I could stress it enough: This business thrives on industry relationships. Just about every aspect of this industry has benefits from doing business with your peers and competitors. Without relationships in today's market, on every level, it's harder to do business, period. Without forming strong relationships, we would not be where we are today."
— Rico Garrett, Owner, Pancho Dog

"I attribute a lot of my success in this industry to the fact that I have always been a social networker. I was able to jump right out there when I first started in 1999 and talk with anyone. I didn't care if you were president of the biggest company, I was going to talk with you as if we were on an even playing field and line up some business. I enjoy the fact that I have never stepped on many toes and that people perceive me as a good person to deal with."
— Lucas "Media" Bradfield, President, Porn Kings

"Over the years, I have found industry relationships becoming more important. Business friends act as extra sets of eyes and ears and can be an extension of your own presence both virtually and in person. I find I am only able to attribute my success to these relationships as long as I am continually working to keep them alive and strong, increasing my own offerings and skills, putting out good information and being supportive."
— Cynthia "Cyndalie" Ashlock, SEO, Marketing And Sales,

"From the beginning, we focused part of our work on creating excellent relationships with other companies and webmasters. At this moment, has more than 2,000 affiliated webmasters, and that number is increasing every day. We also developed relationships with famous models throughout the world. These relationships represent a big part of our success.
— Mario G., Marketing Manager,

"As a marketing consultant, knowing people is essential. Because our industry is so evolutionary, one contact can easily turn into multiple opportunities for business. Having a resource to meet any need and a Rolodex of contacts is paramount to my success in the industry."
— Chandie Foster,

"Having good relationships in this business is key to having success. A good way to build new relationships is by getting introduced to new people. I've met some of my most productive webmasters through introductions by good friends in the business. I also think this business is based on trust and building good relationships has always been one of my priorities since I've been in this industry."
— Joel Drapeau, Account Manager, Pornaccess

"I would have to attribute a great deal of our success to relationships in the industry. It's nice to be able to do business with people that you already trust and have a good relationship with. Being able to do that makes shows more rewarding because you get business done and you are able to spend time with good friends all at once. To me, that makes doing business more enjoyable all around."
— Steve Gottlieb, General Manager,