Mobile Profitability

Stephen Yagielowicz
Recently, XBIZ World magazine asked a group of industry leaders, "What will it take to make mobile porn profitable?"

Here's what they had to say:

"The entire mobile industry, in particular mobile adult, will benefit from less market fragmentation and open markets. With a more cohesive market, more customers who want adult content can actually get it. Today, the addressable market is still relatively small because many networks remain locked and many devices do not support specific content. As mobile devices are upgraded and networks start opening up their gateways, revenue will soar."
— Adi McAbian, Waat Media

"To be honest, I am not entirely sure that mobile porn is really destined to succeed. I understand the need to make your product available no matter what medium the end user employs. However, I personally prefer my porn to be presented to me on a 19-inch monitor (at the very least). I think the factor that would have the greatest influence on its success would be increased screen sizes on mobile devices."
— Lloyd "baddog" Brown, Director of Business Development,

"It already is very profitable. However, by investing in an automated, digital content delivery platform and utilizing a low-cost backend billing aggregator, the sky is the limit in mobile porn. We all know that you're only as good as your content. There is absolutely no substitute for quality material. Competition drives technology. Just as the online market rapidly evolved due to faster downloads, higher resolution and improved video players, the mobile market will benefit from improved wireless technologies."
— Kevin Cammarata, CEO,,

"I feel it already is profitable and a booming business in Europe and Japan, it just takes longer to reach North America. People don't understand the point of watching adult material on a cellphone screen or an iPod screen while on the bus. The anonymous factor hasn't set in yet with Westerners. We also need to find out how to market it and what exactly makes it sell, and the carriers need to step it up a notch as well."
— Tera Lord Masters, Marketing Manager,

"That's a tough question...bigger screens? Privacy windows in the back of cabs? I think one component is not making it too expensive. People will never spend that much time in front of their phone if they have a DVD player or a computer handy. It might make a cheap impulse buy, though. Also, interactivity will help mobile sell better."
— Jason "XXXJay" Quinlan,

"Mobile erotica application ideas are limitless. Overall, understanding how mobile payment, connectivity and privacy works for the consumer is the biggest hurdle in order to reach maximum profit potential. Mass texting during TV shows is opening many new doors. However, product delivery may more easily be integrated through upsells to existing members already comfortable with the material. Quality, consistency and new ideas for consumer applications of mobile porn will continue to open doors for this important and growing market."
— Cyndalie, Director of Marketing,

"Believe it or not, we have already been profitable with mobile porn. When we acquired in January, one of the perks was an existing revenue stream through a lesser-known mobile provider. It was very surprising to learn how well it has performed over the years and continues to. We definitely plan to utilize this same technology on our flagship site,, and we're actively seeking other opportunities in the mobile space to grow our business."
— Kevin Cunningham, Business Development Manager,

"Living in Europe, I had the opportunity to see mobile entertainment on the rise for about four years. MTV Europe, for example, should be called 'Mobile TV' considering the vast amount of ringtones, wallpapers and mobile game advertisements they put out. Mobile porn in Europe, however, has had relatively slow growth, which I blame mostly on the insane fees that network providers charge to distribute adult content to mobile phones as well as national restrictions that prohibit explicit content altogether in some EU countries."
— Joe, Owner,