Guidelines for Production

Stephen Yagielowicz
Recently, XBIZ World magazine asked a group of industry leaders, "What Guidelines Do You Follow When Producing Content?"

Here's what they had to say:

"Usually it depends on the company I'm working for. When I work for Metro, I'm under contract for them. If they want anal scenes, I give them anal. I just follow orders. I do, however, make sure that in all my scenes it is happy, healthy sex. I like the girls to smile when they do it. No matter what the scene, it is good for them to have a smile on their face. They don't even have to be great looking, they just have to be happy, sex-positive people."
— Ron Jeremy

"At Dave Pounder Productions, we shoot professional and amateur, character-based, adult reality content. All of our content is "happy and fun," often building on the girl-nextdoor, sorority, beach girl mentality from an amateur comedy perspective. There is absolutely no degrading of the performers (we do not consider facial cumshots degrading), violence, or high-risk behavior such as anal, double penetration, ass to mouth, cum in the eyes, etc. Our content appeals to the younger, college-aged couples demographic."
— Dave Pounder, Producer, Dave Pounder Productions

"Sexentertain's philosophy has always been, make the girl feel comfortable. We go out of our way to accommodate each model's needs and requests when working with them. For some this may seem a bit strange to cater to the every whim of your talent, but we've found that by doing little things for them, we are able to get the maximum from our models on camera. They love working with us so much that we often have them recommending us to their model friends."
— Michael M., Co-owner and Vice President of

"A lot of preparation can save you a bunch on the day. Your talent is usually your biggest expense, so make sure you plan to have them there just when you need them and not have them sitting around. Pre-plan every scene and go over all of the props and wardrobe that you will need. Make sure you have that ready to go. Always call your talent the night before to confirm details. And it's a good idea to have backup talent that you can call just in case of a noshow."
— Gail Harris, Founder and CEO, Falcon Foto/Creator of Hustler's Barely Legal

"Girls have to be up for the program. I mean, I do a very hardcore type of line and the girls and the guys have to know what's going on. Once we all agree, we have fireworks. Another important thing is the girls have to be hot, not just physically, but they have to love it, love what they're doing and love the sex with the intensity that I demand. You can't fake it, you know. With my productions, I want the consumer to get a major hardcore experience, and the locations have to be high-end too, nice furniture, roomy, clean."
— Mitchell Spinelli, Owner, Acid Rain Productions

"As a standard, we shoot according to the 'Cambria Guidelines' for the adult industry. Obviously, there is nothing set in stone as to what is obscene (other than child pornography and bestiality) versus what is morally OK according to community standards. We shoot edgy content, but never cross the line of what we would ever think would not pass society's ever-changing standards. We do not feel that it is necessary to degrade a woman to have a hot scene. We match up strong performers that have chemistry and a desire to work together, and that is what makes for an awesome, award-winning scene."
— Jenna Jameson

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