Different Billing

In this article, I'm going to talk about the various forms of billing that I know to exist, and maybe, just maybe, help you to learn more about them and decide for yourself which to use.

First thing: I STRONGLY suggest that you implement at least two types on your site. This gives your potential customers two ways to be billed, so that they feel comfortable with at least one and will use it. Giving a choice often leads to higher sales!

Okay, let's begin. There are several ways to bill your customers, and since the fall of PayPal's adult section, we've had to compensate. For those who are looking for a good PayPal alternative, there are many companies from which you can choose, including ePassporte, StormPay, and other lesser known companies. At the risk of sounding as though I'm inciting a monopoly, your surfers will be more willing to pay if the company is a well-known one. Keep that in mind when you're looking at these alternatives.

Another type of billing you may be interested in trying is a full-on credit card processor like CCBill or IBill. For an annual fee of $750, you can accept Visa and MasterCard, (I believe, though by the time I write this, this entire article may be null and void considering how fast times change!), on your site. The processors will take a bit off the top and leave you with a healthy chunk of change in your pocket. This solution is a very popular one, and the surfers who have a credit card just follow instructions and enjoy.

But what to do for surfers without a credit card, or who don't want to use it over the Internet? For a long time, the main solution was either PayPal or the use of dialer software, which would charge the admission/membership cost to the surfer's phone bill. However, with the massive amounts of unscrupulous webmasters who stuck dialers to auto-download and then run themselves, (considering that a great many customers on these sites weren't exactly computer-literate and didn't realize what was happening until it was too late), surfers began to shy away from dialers, hastily exiting a site which had a dialer as a payment option.

Recently, though, I ran across a very interesting concept for an alternative billing solution. This solution, called DuoCash, implements the use of regular, everyday phone cards that can be bought at virtually any store. A person who purchases a phone card can then go to a site which makes use of this solution and use the phone card much like a credit card. The purchase is automatically deducted from the amount of money left on the card, and the surfer goes away happy.

When I heard of this, the first thought that hit my mind was, "Why is this just now happening? This should have been around a long time ago." Several other webmasters and companies have voiced the same opinion. As an alternative billing option, this has incredible potential not only for the adult industry but also for mainstream clients, such as eBay.

Now before you go hopping off to grab your selected option, remember what I told you at the very beginning of this article. Choose at least two. Stand-alone is not the best way to go these days, simply because of the fears that consumers have about credit fraud or someone finding out about their purchase, etc. I would suggest that you give your surfers not only a credit card option, but also a completely anonymous option such as DuoCash.

Keep in mind, however, that no matter what you choose, there are going to be people who simply don't want to sign up. That's fine, too. You've been seen, and I bet you'll be remembered, and eventually, some of those no-signs will turn into recurring members.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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