To Pop Or Not To Pop

Anand Ramchandran

Editor's Note: few tools available to webmasters cause as much controversy as do pop-ups. Love them or hate them, they're still a fact of life on the Internet – despite increasing efforts to eliminate them. Used judicously, pop-ups are an effective method of increasing revenue. Used poorly, they will alienate your audience, and cost you sales. Use the following information wisely. ~ Stephen

Pop-ups are a nuisance. They drive away visitors to your site. Big sites won't list you if you have pop-ups. Yeah? So why should you offer a console on your sites? Because they offer a way of making sure you get paid for every visitor to your web site. Because it's the best way to catch a surfers' eye for a product which he can't buy on your site. Because even MSN, Washington Post, and Drudge have pop-ups on their sites.

Popup Scripts
Listed below are some online popup script code generators for entry and exit pop-ups:

Popup Blockers
Every software company, portal or ISP is offering popup blockers. Not to be left behind, there's a massive effort on the part of advertisers and publishers to find ways to bypass these pop-ups. The biggest in the game are Google toolbar and the Windows XP built in popup blockers. Here's one company which offers a way to bypass at the Google and Alexa toolbar popup blockers - WebToolBar. The biggest irony is that MS WIN XP offers the strongest popup blocker and MSN has a popup on its site. Another example of Microsoft making money on both sides of the fence.

Adult Popup Sponsors
OK. So let's say you're ready to blitz your helpless surfers with pop-ups. Here are a couple of honest adult sponsors who pay per popup:

  • FPCTraffic - Pays per blind,raw,pop-under and pop-under light.
  • AdultFriendFinder - Also pays up to 75 cents/click and a % of member registration fees.

To wrap it up - There's always been pop-ups and there always will be. You just have to know where, when and how to use them to maximize returns in an unobtrusive manner. Trading consoles with other pay sites is an accepted fact. The problem comes when you bombard the surfer with chain pop-ups, which, in my opinion, is an absolute waste of your and your sponsors time and money. One popup per visitor is an acceptable standard not only in adult, but all over the Internet. Do I hear a pop, or is that the cent jingling into my little piggy bank?