Google Gallery #1

Anand Ramchandran
Getting your Web pages listed high up in the Search Engine rankings is difficult enough, but getting a thumbnail gallery right up there is even more difficult. Here's a short list of tips to help your galleries climb the SERP ladders:

Best Sponsors For Search Engines
I can't tell you which sponsor converts best, but I can tell you which ones the search engines are interested in.

Google loves pages which link to new sites from big programs. Google loves galleries of recognized but new porn stars and models. In fact, you could say that the Google spider is a very discerning porn customer. You now have to decide between competing for a keyword which has 350,000 pages indexed for it, or one which has zero today, but will have 20,000 pages in a few weeks.

The trick here is to find a new and big site from a big sponsor and be the first to put up a gallery. Sounds simple? It isn't. Read on.

Keywords For Your Gallery
Noticeable listings for generic keywords such as "porn" or "sex" are almost impossible to compete for with a gallery. What you have to go for is either the name of the site or the model. Keep it short, with a maximum of two or three words. Don't use generic words such as "busty" or "big boobs," just use the name of the site and / or the model.

Keyword Placement
The title tag of the gallery page has to be the keyword - and nothing but the keyword. Do not include your site name or anything else. In the "alt" tag for the thumbnails, use the keyword and nothing but the keyword. The same thing goes for banners. Get the picture?

Linking To The Gallery
It's not enough to just do all of this and then site back or start praying for the Googlebot to visit the page. You have to force feed the gallery to the spiders. Pick one of your high PR pages which gets indexed regularly (if you don't have a high PR page, then post the link on a forum or board which has a high PR), and put up a link to the gallery on that page. Again, the link has to be the keyword. Below the link, write up a few lines about the site or model and include the keyword once or twice in there, preferably bunched close together.

Editor's Note: This is another imaginative approach, the process of which includes building blocks for other, similar imaginative approaches. It's a webmaster's creativity and commitment to following through on their ideas that ultimately determines his success. Stay flexible! ~ Stephen

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