Keeping It In Perspective

It seems that with the coming of fall, the coming of the pre-holiday rush grips us. We all seem to be rushing about, updating this and that, pulling this sponsor to replace with another sponsor and coming up with all kinds of delightful promos to encourage surfers to stick around instead of leave us during the holiday slow down.

But what really needs to be done and what can you do that perhaps you've not thought of doing? Let's have a look.

First off, let's define, “holiday slow down.” Sounds rather obvious doesn't it? But just to make sure we're all on the same page here, I define said slow down as being the long period of slower sales directly associated with the holiday season. This can begin as soon as October and usually lasts until after the beginning of January. Occasionally it can last as long as after Valentine's Day, though that isn't often the case.

Now, granted, this slow down doesn't happen to everyone nor will it affect everyone at the same time. I have found, through a bit of research, that the slow down generally depends on the type of site you're promoting. For example, BDSM sites tend to go over famously around Halloween. However, they don't tend to do so well during Christmas.

Most sites feel a bit of a pinch in the reality department around Christmas or Hanukkah. I mean, hey, wouldn't you feel a little guilty about surfing porn while the rest of the family are enjoying Christmas dinner? It happens; don't let it get you down.

But what you should be doing is figuring out what you can do to hurry your customers back to your site once the holiday of choice is over. While they're out having some quality family time, you can be revamping a couple of choice areas of your site.

How about a nice little “gift” for your loyal customers? You might give your customers a month or two free with a paid 6-month subscription. If they're willing to part with an email address, you could give them a small bit of a bonus, like a “special” section just for them.

You might also consider a special section of your site with all new goodies, but only paid members can access it, and only for the week between Christmas and New Years. You'd be surprised at how many members would join just for that particular treat! After all, everyone loves presents.

Site design might also benefit from a tweak here and there during the holidays. If you add a small bit of holiday cheer, like perhaps a small gif such as holly or a wreath in a corner somewhere, that could well be enough to show that your site is still being updated even through the holidays.

On that vein, I have seen some sites that integrate the season by completely revamping their entire tour. I have to say, there's just something sexy about a girl using a candy cane as a stripper's pole. Of course, if you get the bigger, fatter candy canes like the ones you buy for fifty cents at Wally World, there's a few other delightful uses for the seasonal treat.

I'm sure there are a few of you who are wondering why the hell I'm bringing this up so early. Planning ahead helps to ensure less of a problem later. Your grandmother was right when she told you that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It only takes a little bit of planning to avoid catastrophe, and now's the time to do it. Don't wait until the holiday slump starts catching up to you. By then it's too late.

Yes, the holiday slow down is a pain in the ass. It can eat at your finances more than you might expect. There has been more than one company who falls due to the slow down. Don't let it be you!

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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