Priorities In Place

Which would you rather have: incredible amounts of money, or good friendships that last a lifetime? Think about that for a moment.

Those of you who said that you'd rather have the friendships, you're surprisingly in the minority. But we're going to leave you out for a few minutes.

Those of you who said, “I already have friends, I'd rather have the money” are the ones I'm going to be addressing in this particular article.

I realize that the main reason that anyone is involved in any industry is for money. That's the usual bottom line. More money is always a good thing, especially when running low.

However, something occurred to me last night that really bothered me. It was suggested to me that because I don't make as much money as someone else does that the adult industry has been taking advantage of me. Because I don't focus completely on the money aspect of my little area of business, I'm being a fool and letting others use me to their own ends.

Is this right? Is this what I've been doing for the past four years? Am I such a fool as to let my personal experiences, feelings and understandings prevent me from making money, or even to lose it?

The correct answer here is NO. Not only do I not feel myself to be an idiot or a fool, I don't believe that I've been taken advantage of in any way whatsoever. Let me tell you why.

In any business, you will meet people. That's a given. You meet them, you work with them, and in some cases, you actually like them.

Slowly you begin to build a mental database of those you can trust, those you can respect, and those with whom you could become true friends. This does not happen overnight, but it does happen. There comes a time when you start to realize that these folks are a great asset to you.

They're there for you when you need cheering. They're there when you're in need of a guiding hand. They're there when you have accomplished something that you feel is the coolest thing since sliced bread and you just have to tell someone about it, (though it doesn't occur to you that they've either already seen it or done it themselves), and they encourage you and help you and cheer for things that you've done well.

Back to the accusation of being a fool and allowing others to take advantage of me. It was also suggested that people I thought were friends were also the people who would sell me out for a dime. Trusting anyone, it was said, would virtually guarantee my heartache and failure somewhere down the line.

Nice. I have so much to look forward to that I'm just dancing in the streets.

Folks, you don't make friends and fully expect them to treat you like dirt. If that were the case, none of us would ever leave our homes, if any of us were here to begin with, due to mistrust of our ancestors, no one would have bred.

As I've said, there are people I trust, people I respect, and people with whom I am proud to be friends. There are not very many in that last category, but those few are those I know from experience I can respect and trust. Those who have earned their way into my heart find it a comfortable place to be.

Yes, we're all in the business to make money. No doubt about that and I'm not going to say otherwise. But in my heart, there are things that are more important than any amount of cash. If you haven't figured that out yet, I hope that you take a moment to stop and see where you'd be if you had the millions of bucks you want and no one who cared.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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