Turn Content Into Traffic

Anand Ramchandran
Editor's note: I'm glad that Anand wrote this article, as it points out the need for webmasters to be creative and experiment. Setting up a profitable site today takes more than installing a script, or 'turning a key' – you need to analyze *everything* and constantly tweak your site's performance. Here's a great example: ~ Stephen

In a previous article, I outlined how to maximize the traffic coming to your TGP. But, how can you actually get the surfer from the gallery to your site or wherever you want him to go? Now you may ask, why not just push him off to the sponsor, like it's done on every other gallery? Because, my friend, at best, all you'll get are a couple of sales, and at worst - zip. The sponsor, meanwhile, either gets a sale, or sends the surfer over to a trade using a console. You cannot do this, however, because the TGP rules forbid it. Well, today, I'll tell you how to get around this...

Buying Content For Galleries
What you need to do first is to buy some picture sets for setting up a gallery. You can find a lot of content providers who'll sell you gallery content for a small amount. Use this content to design a fabulous gallery, and put up a couple of trade links with catchy text or banners to get maximum clicks. Submit the gallery as usual to your list of TGPs.

Routing Traffic
Ok. So, you've got the surfers clicking on your trades and your trades are sending you the hits back. Now you can do whatever you want with the hits coming from the trades: show them the sponsor's links, give them a console, send them to another trade, and so on. To sum it up, the traffic you get from a submitted gallery becomes a part of your site's daily traffic instead of a one time affair with a couple of sales. As you keep submitting more galleries, your site will grow – and your daily traffic and income along with it. In effect, you are doing what your sponsor is, but without all of the hard work and risks. Get the point?

More Money From The Same Content
You still have the content with you and it's growing, right? You can use it to set up a pay site after some time. Add in a few videos, a growing collection of picture galleries, a membership script – and you're all set with a pay site. You already have the traffic coming from the galleries, so just continue doing the same thing. A few surfers will sign up for the pay site and it'll grow slowly, but surely, and most importantly, without any risk, headache or major investment.

Sounds too simple? Too easy to be true? Try it! There's a certain sheep mentality among adult webmasters, where you feel the need to do what everyone else is doing. Come on, people, there's more than one way to make it in the online adult industry. Think, work hard, show a little creativity and boldness. Go get 'em, Tiger!