Board Presence?

There’s always a great deal of talk about webmaster message boards and their affect on the adult industry. There are those people who swear that they’re only there for time-wasting, while others find them to be invaluable resources for conversation and business.

I happen to fall into the latter group of people. Without adult webmaster boards, I would never have been able to get as far as I have gotten in my career. There are more than just a few webmasters who will tell you the same thing.

Those of us who are partial to “board whoring” are a relatively well-known lot. It is our posts on the boards that we frequent who identify us to each other, and many of us do a great lot of business each day on webmaster boards.

Aside from the business that we do, we also look upon these boards as a solid resource. We get news, information about webmaster programs, new affiliates, and intelligent advice from our board(s) of choice. It’s also a great way to unwind after a day of hard work.

These boards provide us with an outlet, a place to talk amongst our peers about almost anything, especially things related to our industry, either in part or as a whole. This is the closest thing that some of us get to being able to attend a convention or gathering, and some of us find that our board of choice can be addicting because of the people we get to interact with on a daily basis through our posts.

We exchange ideas, advice, humor, and business through these boards. They are incredibly valuable to us. Every day someone does a bit of business on these boards. Sometimes it’s a small exchange and sometimes it’s a rather large bit of money that changes virtual hands.

Could the adult industry survive without these boards? Yes, of course. The adult industry and pornography were around long before the internet came into being. But these boards certainly help pave the way for some incredible business deals to spring into being.

Think of how long it would take for word to spread about upcoming gatherings without access to adult webmaster boards. Granted, there’s always email, but really, how many webmasters are you hitting with email and how many more could you be hitting with a webmaster resource board?

How many of you use a board to hype your service/product? How many of you gain new affiliates through webmaster boards? Most people who use the boards are doing some sort of business on them, and that business is a huge money-maker.

Newbies are always found at webmaster resource sites and on the boards. Those newbies are learning much about the business by reading what others have to say, and these boards, being the interactive learning tool that they are, are a great haven for those who are beginning to take small steps into our industry.

What about your reputation on a webmaster board? Does that make a difference? You bet your laptop. If you have a bad reputation on the message boards, then most people feel that there’s a reason you have that reputation. I have seen businesses fail over words typed out on a board. I have seen businesses take off with flying colors as well; it works both ways.

If you aren’t a current user of webmaster message boards, I would suggest that you at least look into it. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be found, (once you sift through some of the garbage), and if it’s put to good use, your business could very well get a lift. I look forward to seeing some of you!

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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