Suffer The Spelling Nazi

So once again, your favorite redhead ranter has a bone to pick with you. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

I’m going to be correcting some common spelling errors in this article and it may get rather lengthy, so grab your popcorn and soda and just hang in there. Do note that I do NOT endorse using a spell checker, because it doesn’t correct grammar-related misspellings. Be glad that I’m not going off on grammar in this particular article, or I’d have to publish it as a novel.

Off we go!

I often see this: congradulations! Take the ‘d’ out of there and replace it with a ‘t’. There is no ‘d’ in the word “congratulations.”

Sure is not spelled with an ‘h’ in it. If it looks like this: “shure”, then it’s wrong. Same goes for the word “sugar.” It sure sounds like it needs an ‘h’, but please don’t be tempted to throw the ‘h’ in there.

There is a difference between “your” and “you’re”, folks. “Your” refers to something being possessive, i.e., “Your head” while “you’re” is a conjunction of “you” and “are”, meaning that an action is being performed, i.e., “You’re reading this drivel.”

While we’re on the subject of differences in words, try this one: “Their”, “there”, and “they’re.” Another one of my sweet pet peeves, I see this one abused just about as often as the “your”/”you’re” bit. Let me clarify. “Their” refers to a group’s possession, i.e., “their money.” “There” indicates a place, i.e., “Put the book over there.” “They’re” is a conjunction of the words “they” and “are”, which once again, signifies an action or a state of being. “They’re beginning to get annoyed by all this spelling correction.”

It’s not hard to keep “its” and “it’s” apart. “Its” is possessive while “it’s” is a conjunction. Remember in the rules of English that if a word is a conjunction, it always gets an apostrophe, which cancels out the possessive of this particular word.

Speaking of apostrophes, when you are trying to make something plural, just tack an ‘s’ on it and move on. Apostrophes are not used to make something plural. They are used to show possession or to pull two words together into one. I am forever seeing things like “onion’s” and “dog’s” in reference to the plural form. Corrected, it would look like “onions” and “dogs”, which actually sounds really good right about now. Wish we had a Nathan’s here; I could go for a dog with mustard, onions, and relish.

Now, I understand typos happen to the best of us. However, what I’m trying to do is correct mistakes that happen on a seemingly constant basis. These are things that we should have learned by the time we got finished with the fourth grade, and yet I see them all over the place.

Now, for those of you who are screaming about having problems with being able to spell or read or whatever due to a learning disability, perhaps you might consider letting someone else proofread what you wrote rather than just sticking it on a site and uploading it for people to try to decipher on their own. This is part of making a website look good and appeal to the surfer. And if you don’t believe that spelling and good text on your site makes any difference, then perhaps you might check your wallet for the lost cash that your more educated, picky surfers might have spent.

Please, let’s not have the rampant errors that I see on many sites cost us the money that could have been. I know good text sells, and no matter what that good text may have to say, spelling errors can change the meaning in interesting ways. Remember to take a close look at what your site really says, and then ask a couple of people to look it over for you, or contact a professional writer to proof your site and fix it if need be.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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