A Few Hours More...

Stephen Yagielowicz
In my previous article, "A 10 Minute TGP," I outlined how even the freshest of newbie webmasters could build a potentially profitable, and '2257 compliant, Web site in around 10 minutes – start to finish. I've been fiddling with this project since writing the article, and today I want to show you what kind of difference "A Few Hours More" can make...

As a quick refresher, the original "10 Minute TGP" project was simply a fresh installation of AutoGallery, the "lite" (and free) version of JMB Software's popular AutoGallery Pro and AutoGallery SQL TGP scripts. This is a common entry point for Webmasters wanting a quick and easy way to test the waters of TGP operation, and it's a flexible platform for customization. Here's how the site looks now:

The Smut Factory TGP

A subtle blue to black gradient background, a few tweaks of the template and CSS files, and the addition of some simple graphics result in a clean, unique, and user friendly "text-only" TGP that is still well under construction, but completed to a point where several interesting observations may be made on the thought processes behind the design.

First of all, the motivation behind this TGP is to be more of a traffic generating and filtering tool, rather than a vehicle for making direct sales, although the potential for direct sales is still accounted for. So let's take a closer look:

The first thing to consider was "What's in it for the surfer?" Well, 100 hand selected, top quality galleries daily. By listing with an auto submission tool such as Chameleon Submitter which I've been playing with lately, I should get far more submissions than I can use, so picking the best of them will not be a difficult process. By ensuring that the descriptions are accurate and the galleries clean, and that they're presented in a fast, "no bullshit" environment, surfers will be encouraged to bookmark – and indeed, a handy JavaScript button lets them do so with a single click. Fresh traffic daily from the listed galleries reciprocal links, as well as a steadily increasing number of bookmarkers should provide a nice traffic base.

We need more traffic than recips and bookmarkers will provide however, so strategic trades should be made. Now, when I say "trades" I'm not talking about via the common (and misleading) practice of skimming gallery clicks to send to trades. Not on this site, anyway, as all gallery clicks will go directly to the galleries. But if you look at the screen shot above, you'll notice the four middle link boxes are labelled "Trade 1," "Trade 2," etc. These will not be "hard trades" to a specific site, but a single bold keyword, with the output of clicks to it managed by a trade script. This should make traffic from those clicks infinitely more productive than a redirected gallery link click.

And speaking of link boxes; while they could contain a thumbnail image, or a 120x60 button, a large, search engine friendly text link is what I've chosen to use. In the first row, you can see a link marked "Amateur" – this will go directly to my main TGP. The second link, "Big Tits" will go to my pal Vendzilla's TGP through his trade script. Next comes the "Playboy +" link, which will send traffic to one of my favorite sponsors. As a side note, it's the brand name recognition coupled with the fact that folks who prefer that type of material will likely click the link, and perhaps join, that make a direct sponsor sale here worth trying. Finally, the "Barely 19" link goes to Steve Lightspeed's pseudo-TGP featuring all "in house" galleries (with my link code attached). This is a handy way to filter "teen" traffic and get paid for it too. In fact, this whole first row of links is primarily designed to filter traffic before it even hits my gallery offerings.

Finally, the bottom row of links is tentatively targeted for two Top Lists as a final way of swapping a surfer who's made it this far without clicking out for a new one, and the two bottom right hand links going to a pay per click sponsor. Studies have shown that bottom right hand links get the highest click through rates (by far), and at this point, I'll be happy to get my two cents for the click and send the surfer on his way...

The next step in this site's development will be the incorporation of the tips that Anand gave us in his "TGP Traffic Optimization" article, and perhaps an e-mail collection box to build an opt-in list in exchange for free access to the archives.

While there are many nuances to what I've discussed here, and lots of different ways to implement these goals, this project is meant to show the many ways of starting with the same thing as others, and building it into something unique that you can call your own. Stay tuned for more! ~ Stephen

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