Total Crap

"Before you continue, the owner(s) of this website would like to warn you of a proposal that would seriously limit your personal freedoms as well as the personal freedoms of those of us who supply you with adult entertainment.

This proposal, fr25jn04-23, would put serious new restrictions on the 2257 laws that webmasters must abide by. This law prevents the use of minors as models in adult entertainment, and is also called the "Anti-child porn" law.

Reputable webmasters don't mind adhering to the 2257 law as it stands right now. However, if this new proposal passes, most webmasters, including the free sites and TGP webmasters, are going to be forced into updating information so thoroughly that there would be no way to continue using much of the content that you currently see. As a matter of fact, most of your favorite sites could very well be pulled offline forever.

This new proposal, by demanding certain information about the models, could potentially put the models in danger by possibly violating another law - "The Privacy Act."

You can help stop this proposal from becoming law and thus keep your favorite websites online and active, as well as helping to protect the models! We encourage you to email Admin.ceos@usdoj.gov and voice your opinion. Each email sent is another step to preventing this proposal from becoming law. Protect your rights to enjoy adult entertainment. Send out that email now, and please inform friends to do so as well. Thank you".

The above was written not too long ago in the hopes of letting a few thousand surfers know what’s going on in the pornographic industry. They are going to be affected, perhaps not directly, but they will be affected.

Tala’s "Anti-BUllSHit" speech
Here begins Tala’s "anti-BUllSHit" speech. Don’t worry, it’s not a long one, but it sure the hell makes things a little clearer for the new guys.

This proposal, 2258 (I believe that’s what many people are calling it now), would be an incredible detriment to the pornographic industry. Let me explain what this thing would do to us by telling you what the new proposal, in layman’s terms, really says.

Record-keeping is about to become a full-time job, not just something you do in case you’re tapped for legalities. You will, under this new proposal, be required to have a release for each and every picture on your site. You have to be sure that your content provider ALSO has all the pictures numbered and cross indexed, OR YOU COULD GO TO JAIL.

This all sounds like a bad dream. TGP owners, because of the mass amounts of pictures that can be found on their sites, are going to have the roughest time of all. How in the hell can that poor owner have cross indexes of every picture on the site?

Folks, there’s hope on the horizon. One of the best people in this industry as far as I am concerned, Brandon of www.fightthepatent.com has gotten together with some good people and created www.2257lookup.com (at this time it is in pre-launch stage. Bookmark it anyway). An extensive F.A.Q. is located here. (Thank you to Brandon and his legal beagles!)

This ingenious little site is in cooperation with many content providers, and catalogs and indexes in order to cross reference every photo that those providers have produced. In this way, anytime you purchase content from those providers, you know where the 2257 information is kept, and you can cross reference it any time you like.

Those of you who are not in the United States, don’t think you’re getting off easy. This affects you as well. Those considering moving offshore to avoid this new round of Ashcroft & Co.’s crap, you’re still going to have to deal with this. The new proposal states, "Whoever produces any book, magazine, periodical, film, videotape, or other matter which... contains one or more visual depictions made after November 1, 1990 of actual sexually explicit conduct; and... is produced in whole or in part with materials which have been mailed or shipped in interstate or foreign commerce, or is shipped or transported or is intended for shipment or transportation in interstate or foreign commerce;"

In layman’s terms, just because you’re overseas somewhere doesn’t mean that your United States clients can use your content without all the cross referencing. Isn’t it grand how the United States can affect the world with just one law?

You can fight this. Until August 24. 2004, you can give your opinion by using that email address that’s up top. Let me give it to you one more time: Admin.ceos@usdoj.gov. Send email all day, every day. Be loud, be pissed off, but be sure to send those emails. This is going to be a huge mess that no one wants to have to deal with.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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