Selling Text

Marketing your website can take many forms: submitting galleries, creating the right meta tags for search engines, chatting on the boards to get potential affiliates – but the bottom line is no matter how you get the surfer to your site, if they don't feel good when they are there, they will not buy.

Today, I was reading a flyer that came with a cheap set of speakers that I bought to enhance the sound on my laptop. I did not buy the "cheapest" set available, and the flyer was quick to show that with the placement of its product descriptions. I had purchased the "better" of its "cheap" stuff. Reading the flyer I was impressed in how the two were compared. This is a technique we should learn in our own promotion. Let me explain...

The flyer shows both sets of speakers that I could have purchased, although I did not see the other set when I was going to purchase (does this mean it does not exist?) Reading the text, the speakers appear to be similar in name and capabilities, while one offers "Realistic audio for a realistic price!" The product I purchased claimed "Quality sound from excellent design!" However, the wording of the product I had in hand made me feel as though the product I purchased was clearly the better product, and that I was a smart consumer for purchasing it. Which brings me to site advertisement...

Most sites you visit will boast of the number of images, videos and other aspects of membership, but what about "how great a decision the buyer is making"? "BLAHX site's members demand the best, and we give it to them. Through member's feedback and years of experience we have developed a site that will please every aspect of your desires and needs. Your decision to join is rewarded over and over, image after image, video after video. Your pleasure is in our hands and we know what you demand. Click here to get your login and password information." In our text we are confirming that the buyer's needs will be taken care of by professionals with the assumption they are going to buy.

You can use this same technique if you sell sex toys or other tangibles. If you want to make more sales, then don't leave the buyer alone in his imagination. Help him see how that toy will make his partner happy, and how partner happiness will reward him with his own fulfilled desires. Describing the features of a product will make a sale if the person viewing the product already knows what he wants. Telling him of the benefits of the product will convince him if he is unsure, and if you are creative you can do as my speaker seller did – show him how smart he is for buying the next product in the line.

There is much to be said about making your selling text show the benefits and not the features of your offering. Surfers are getting smarter, they know there are tons of sites available to them at any moment. You need to let your customer know "what's in it for them." Provide a guarantee (unheard of in adult), that your site is everything that you said it is, and more. The surfer sees tons of sites offering the same old "10,000 images, millions of hours of SEX VIDEOS!"

When they finally get to your site, and read your selling text, they will feel good about spending their hard earned money – after all, isn't it a wise decision for them to spend money with you?