Keeping It Real

The adult industry is one of the best working environments in the world. Those of us who are steadily making names for ourselves are proud proof of what can be accomplished with a little time and a lot of energy and effort.

But what of those people who feel the need to lie and cheat in order to get ahead? Oh yes, fair citizens of the pornographic world, there are a great many more of the freeloaders and thieves than what you might think. If hard work is a requirement to get ahead, then why are some people working so hard to put up a front that will eventually not only be discovered, but brought crashing down around them?

Not surprisingly, some unscrupulous pornographers feel the need to make themselves look better and bigger. They will go through just about anything in order to become one of the people that other pornographers look up to.

When one’s ego is on the line, it’s incredible to watch the self-destruction. Lies become intricate webs of cover-ups until it’s impossible to see the truth; even the liar has difficulty figuring out what’s real and what’s bull. However, the immortal ego must be satisfied, and many times, the liar has to bail out of the industry before the industry bails out on him.

Occasionally, the liar is discovered well before he bails. Let me tell you something, folks: This industry is made up of a close-knit bunch of people, and once a lie is discovered, the knowledge of who told it spreads like wildfire. Please don’t believe that you won’t be discovered. You will be and it will hurt like hell.

You see, once it’s been figured out that you can’t be trusted, you will get no more business. Not from the newbies and certainly not from those of us who have been around a while. We have absolutely no desire to be associated with you or your product/service, even if you do happen to be good at what you do. Lies do not make a happy friendship.

Be aware, however, that I’m not talking about misunderstandings. Those happen every day and can be gotten over pretty easily. No, this article isn’t about that at all. This article is about blatant disregard of the truth.

This isn’t politics. We expect you to be scrupulously honest with us just as we are with you. That’s how good business is done. You want to continue to do business in the industry, you have to keep it real.

I don’t give a damn if you’re trying to impress us. There’s a difference between hype and outright bullshit. You can hype your program, product or service until doomsday. Advertise the hell out of it. Most of us are actually interested in what you have to sell or to say.

But when you start making so many bogus claims that you start to look about as real as a pair of silicon tits, don’t get pissy or be surprised when someone calls you out. If you can’t prove it, don’t claim it. Bragging is great and fine, but if you can’t pull it off, then be prepared to be seen as little more than pond scum.

Bottom line: If you have something to say or sell, don’t try to say or sell something else. You can’t build a mansion on a shit foundation, and the same goes for friendships and reputation.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m seeing a realtor about some ocean front property in Arizona. It sounds like a really good deal. I even get a bridge thrown in free.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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