Which Show to Attend?

It seems that with the coming of warm weather, the adult webmaster convention season grows into full bloom. There are a great many shows to attend, and each has its various draws.

But if you’re trying to decide upon which one to attend, look at each venue and compare it with what you’re trying to achieve. Here’s how that works.

For example, is the site which details the Webmaster Access gatherings. These shows are generally smaller than Cybernet Expo, (, or Internext, (, but small shows are usually much more comfortable for many webmasters. Rule of thumb: the smaller the show, the more people you get to meet and actually have a conversation with.

The larger shows, especially Internext, will astound you with the sheer number of booths, people, and information. Internext is usually held twice a year, once in January and once in August. The January show is usually in Las Vegas, while the August show is held in Hollywood, Florida.

Larger shows, while not having the comfortable, laid-back feeling and close conversation as the smaller shows, are incredible money-makers. The parties are where much of the business happens, though the floor of booths and information often garners great attention and cash.

How much will you spend on a show? It depends on how far you’re willing to travel and where you’ll be staying. Many times, if a show is close to your location, you can save money by driving instead of flying. Also, depending on how close you live to the show itself, you might consider just sleeping at home and driving in each day. All the cost information about the shows are listed on their corresponding websites; check there for further details.

If you want the real nitty gritty experience of a show, you’ll want to stay at the hotel where the show takes place. Most webmasters who attend these conventions opt to do this, because once the party is over for the night, there are always those hardy souls who camp out in the hotel bar or the lobby area to chat amongst themselves. Again, here’s where a good bit of business is done.

The gains you make from attending a show are monumental. Doing business face to face is very often much more rewarding than conversing in ICQ or email. Putting a face to the name very often strengthens a business relationship.

New webmasters who are looking to start their own business can find incredible amounts of information at any show. This information is provided to assist a growing webmaster, and anyone who sits in on the seminars and talks will discover new things about various topics.

The contacts and information gained from these shows is invaluable, but the fun that is shared stays with you as well. Anyone who has gone to a show-sponsored party or event will tell you that the memories are some of the best they have, and it’s no wonder: webmasters know how to party!

So when you’re trying to decide if you should go, think about it this way: Can I afford NOT to go?

When trying to decide which to attend, think about your personality. If you like the comfortable feel of a small gathering, where you can meet and greet pretty much anyone and everyone, go to a small gathering. But if you’re looking for massive amounts of information and exotic, fun locales, try a larger convention. Either way, you’ll be doing yourself and your business a big favor.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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