The Need to Succeed

Ask an adult webmaster how successful he is and you'll get varying answers. Some will tell you that they are quite successful, while others will tell you that they could be more successful.

The webmasters who tell you they could be more successful are the ones who will find ways to achieve the success they really want. Why is that? Have they just not been as lucky as others? Is the money just not rolling in for them?

Chances are, these webmasters are luckier and more successful than most other webmasters. The money is there, and they know where to be and at what time to be there. The main difference between them and other webmasters is the fact that they are not satisfied with the amount of success they have achieved.

What does this mean for you? In layman's terms, a webmaster with a need to succeed will go farther and earn more money. Many times, this need will become all-encompassing, overshadowing everything.

Do you have that need? Is there a drive in you that screams, "I want more!" so loudly and so often that you have trouble sleeping? If so, then you have the need to succeed, and might often have problems controlling your inner demon that drives you.

Controlling that little voice and the lusty drive to succeed is not an easy proposition. More often, it controls you and you are led to do whatever it takes to earn that success you so desperately seek. It haunts your sleep, waking you in a cold sweat of miserable failure until you realize that it was only a dream. Going to sleep after that is nearly impossible.

The drive to succeed is a psychological slave driver, forcing you to work until you fall asleep from pure exhaustion at your desk, occasionally allowing you to remember to eat, to interact with your friends and family. Once you let this mind set take over, you're done. You must succeed at all costs.

Those of you who are reading this and thinking I've lost my mind haven't experienced this little demon. It's very real, and for hundreds of hard working webmasters, photographers, writers, actors, and CEOs, it drives us on relentlessly, dogging our steps and counting every breath we take until we can get back to work.

You see, successful people are successful because they allow themselves to be. To them, no obstacle is impossible to overcome. Mountains become molehills, easy to step over. Money finds its way into their bank accounts and wallets with ease because they leave the window of opportunity open.

The mind set behind the success is one of seeing opportunity, taking it, and milking it for all it's worth before moving on again. Think of it as an orchard, where the spring comes to make the blooms fall, turning them into fruits which grow and ripen over the summer, the fruit delicious and ready to be picked in fall, harvested, and enjoyed throughout the winter until again spring comes.

A pretty picture when you consider that the demon within, that need to succeed, is the farmer, harvesting all the fruit. That inner voice that drives us onward feeds our souls on this fruit, giving us the will to do more.

Find your demon. Let it free. Let it guide you to succeed, drive you to that delectable fruit for your fall harvest.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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