When One Door Closes, Open Another

In order for a healthy tree to grow, be strong, produce and create a powerful foundation, it has to have many strong roots. Roots that have roots, that also have roots – reaching and grabbing deep into the earth, taking hold to draw off the earth's nutrients. A very important and simple lesson learned by just looking at how this world functions can be taken and used in creating a powerful foundation for your business; one that works smoothly and feeds off of itself to become bigger and more powerful...

The Big Brain Storm
The 'door' concept came up the other day - another brainstorm session, a uniquely natural ritual that we've done ever since my husband Stephen and I met, and since we work in the same industry it serves to be a great plus. But back to the door concept, as time is money and Webmasters get bored easily. So while we were working on an exciting new idea and building on our new studio, we started talking about all the things that we could do with the next step we plan to take with porn and beyond.

One discussion led to another, and at the end, designing a way to close the door to our customers in this new adventure revealed to us that if we had to close that door, then why not give them another door to open – creating a new root, a new source of power and a way to continue the maze of making another sale.

Just Like Disney Land
For instance, taking a deeper look into Disney Land and its money making foundation shows a simple method to their madness; as everything that one does at Disney Land is captured on film, such as the infamous log ride. As soon as you get off the ride and the 'door' closes, they sell you the photo of yourself and your friends screaming on the way down as another 'door' or quite simply another source of digging yet again into your pocket for your last dollar. This is the most clever and the simplest money making method I know of, because no one wants to come home without proof of how much fun they had at Disney Land – and they definitely don't want to be the one left holding the camera to take the pictures while everyone else is having the fun.

Just another "for instance," but one that is worth a fortune. Ever since the camera was invented, new ideas from its invention have been prosperous. Today, for Stephen and I, another idea or 'door' has been opened, applauding the camera and it's ability to prove that the camera and how far it has come in supporting the Internet's prosperity make these doors/ideas possible.

It Takes Money To Make Money
My Husband and I have a lot of time and education invested in this industry, as we both started at about the same time porn was born on the World Wide Web. There's so much more that both of us want to do on and off the box that at times staying focused on the task at hand is difficult. The one thing that can bring you back to reality quickly though, is in order to make money, you've got to have some to start with, and if you've spent a lot of time and effort in a place that pays, then use that source to build on.

Why start over if what you have has value and can be used to start a prosperous foundation? Even if you're bored with it or want to try something new, it doesn't mean it's time to throw away the knowledge and value you have accumulated in something that you were at one time just as excited about. There's nothing wrong with growing, changing and evolving, but if you use what you already have to build upon, then you might just get there quicker.

What's It Worth To You?
The older I get the easier it is for me to evaluate this question, I realize just how valuable my "time" really is, I don't take much for granted anymore. I remember the song "Fly Like an Eagle," I used to play it over and over again, singing along - "Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future..." the words play over and over in my head like a broken record now.

So what's what I'm doing in this Industry worth to me? - It's worth more now to me than it was in the beginning. More because I'm too tired and too old to go back and start all over again learning a new language/industry, and what's the point, when the one I'm in can be used as part of my roots/foundation to where I want to be? What it really comes down to is if the time is worth the effort, and the effort rewards you with prosperity and avenues for more, then keep investing your time in adding more doors to your wealth.

I'll see you on the Web ~ Ayrora