Adult Webmastering Basics: Part 6: Fetishes

Domenic R. Merenda
Don’t say we didn’t warn you! There’s no lifeguard on duty when it comes to treading water in the fetish market. These categories range from the tame to the extreme, and encompass everything in between. Let’s dive in, and find out if you sink or swim.

Many of us assume we know the definition of a fetish, and have at least a passing knowledge of their importance to our visitors. In order to shed additional light on the subject, we’ll consult an entry on the Discovery Health web site: “Fetishism is a fixation on an inanimate object or body part that is not primarily sexual in nature, and the compulsive need for its use in order to obtain sexual gratification. It is almost exclusively a male paraphilia [psychosexual disorder]. The object of a fetish is almost invariably used during masturbation and may also be incorporated into sexual activity with a partner in order to produce sexual excitation.”

There’s a golden rule you should always keep in mind when marketing fetish sites. If you don’t take the time to learn the fetish, and to provide what your users are looking for, they will quickly go elsewhere. Many fetishes have progressed to the point where the user can no longer achieve gratification (or has a difficult time) without being exposed to a very specific type of material. Your job is to provide this content to your surfers, not to inundate them with ho-hum offerings in other categories.

Ethnicity/Characteristic Fetishes
Ethnicity fetishes can either be very broad (Ukrainian or Asian fetish sites) or very specific, perhaps combining multiple categories (ebony men with big cocks on ivory women with small breasts). As a reminder, no matter how you slice it, catering to an ethnicity or characteristic fetish is an all or nothing undertaking. Users signing up for an Asian site aren’t going to be pleased if you provide them with generic content. In other words, this fetish shouldn’t be used as a marketing hook to bring users to a generic site that offers only a few pictures catering to these surfer’s needs.

Characteristic fetish sites include BBW (Big, Beautiful Women), small breasted gals, puffy nipples, pregnant women, midgets, giants, and many more. If you can imagine it, someone has created a fetish around it.

Clothing and Uniform Fetishes
Clothing fetishes are less about the model in many cases, and more about what the model is wearing. Specific clothing items typically include lingerie, jeans, skirts, shoes (high heels, sandals, sneakers), stockings or pantyhose, gloves, leather outfits, silk garments, bras, panties (especially upskirt or flashing shots), and corsets.

Uniform fetishes involve the clothes necessary to associate a model with a specific profession, activity, or other demographic. Examples include nurses, cheerleaders, college co-eds, teachers, secretaries, and maids. As with many fetish categories, these sites can achieve success by incorporating elements of role play in videos or photo shoots.

Object and Action Fetishes
Object fetishes revolve around the inclusion of specific objects in a shoot. These items might include food products, weapons such as knives and guns, ropes and ties (especially involving bondage), and may involve cross-over with clothing fetishes such as leather or high heels.

Action fetishes incorporate certain sexual acts, or specific undertakings of a non-sexual nature that become gratifying when viewed by someone with that particular fetish. Examples include rough sex, anal sex, oral sex (sometimes involving facials, cum and cock worship), whippings and S&M, leashing, and role reversals.

Choose Wisely, Grasshopper!
The world of fetishes is difficult to understand from the outside. Either commit yourself to tedious research, or call upon your own understanding of a particular fetish. Either way, don’t go in blind, or your results will be disappointing.

The dominos keep falling! It’s time to select content for your budding adult enterprise. The basis for your entire promotion will hinge on the effectiveness of this material. Next week, we’ll look at how to make the right choices...

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