Making the Old Seem New Again

Ever have one of those days where you just have no idea what to do? Have you done everything that you can think of, and yet you just keep muddling through the same old thing time and again?

Worry not, o weary webmaster. There are many ways of making even the most glum and boring of tasks seem brand new.

If you have a website that isn’t doing as well as it used to, check it out and compare it to something that is doing better. What are the differences that you can find?

Aside from the blatantly obvious, i.e. different niche, are there design differences? Color scheme seem a bit too bland or a bit too over the top? What about the galleries and other content? How long has it been since the last update?

Surfers need to see a bit of freshness on their chosen sites. They pay for excellence in content. If they wanted to see free stuff, they’d go TGP hunting for all the galleries that never change. No one wants to see stale stuff in the member’s area of a website.

Give your site a complete makeover. Update the galleries with fresh girls, but be sure to archive the older galleries for those folks who just have to have their fix of a certain girl. If you don’t have any stories or blogs or other text work of that nature, you might consider putting some in. Believe it or not, stories really do sell well.

Try a different color scheme. Even this small change can mean big bucks. Much like food, a website has to be attractive and appetizing to the customer. Make your surfers want to whip out their wallets. Remember, clashing colors is never a good idea. If you aren’t sure if your color scheme is a good one, ask someone’s opinion.

Take the time to check your meta tags thoroughly. Keep them relevant to the site, with the most obvious keywords being those found in your domain name. Make sure your domain is relevant to what you offer on your site. If it isn’t, there’s a good chance that you could be losing serious cash.

Have you bought any new content recently? Give that a try and give your members someone new to enjoy.

Would you buy a membership to your site? If not, why wouldn’t you? A good webmaster can identify the problems with his site by asking himself that very question. Ask a few other webmasters if they would consider it, then ask them why or why not. Very often, you will find that what you see as a problem is also what they would see as a problem.

Flash is good, but not on a gallery or a small free site. It takes too long to load on a 56k, (yes, there are a great many people who still have to use those. I know of some with 48.8 connections!), and can be too much to wait for, especially if the surfer is horny. Ignore it altogether until the member’s area, and then only offer it as interactive games or short cartoons.

If you think your site is perfect, consider adding a blog. Because of the frequent updates, search engines spider it on an almost daily basis, which will bring your site closer to the top listings. Remember, most people only look through the first two pages of listings. Get your site noticed!

There is no such thing as being “finished” with a site if you want it to make you money. Don’t fall prey to thinking that once you have it online, you’re done with it. Not so- you’ve only just begun.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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