Adult Webmastering Basics: Part 5: Choosing A Niche

Domenic R. Merenda
So far, we’ve set up a strong company foundation, laid out our workspace, and picked an overall strategy, for better or for worse. It’s time to apply those new business models to a specific area of focus within the industry...

These niches run the gamut from the tame (“JNC”, or Just Naked Chicks), to the lame (think 60 year old men in diapers, sucking on hotdogs, with lime green paint on their stomach), from the truly bizarre (ever see a snowman take it from behind?) to the downright scary (“Mom, is that you?!”). We’ll wade into this topic like a cold pool. First, the big toe, then a gradual slide into the deep end.

The Kiddy Pool: Just Naked Chicks
“JNC”, or Just Naked Chicks is a pretty straightforward niche. This covers anything where a woman is taking her clothes off and posing for the camera. It breaks down into two general categories, starting with Playboy-style glamour photography and finishing with “girl next door” amateur sites.

Glamour photography caters to the consumer looking for the “fantasy girl”. Flowing hair, smooth skin, and a come-hither breathless look framed by crimson lips and long eyelashes. The settings are typically a full poster bed, a secluded beach, or the top of a sports car. Models are presented using the best lighting to reduce shadow effects, and are usually airbrushed and given other post-production touch ups to enhance their portrayals. This type of content is among the easiest to procure, as scores of new photographers start shooting this genre every day. Some of the leading producers, such as California-based Matrix Content, keep the top models coming back again and again, building large libraries of specific girls.

Amateur sites, a specific category of Just Naked Chicks, are your typical “girl next door,” “neighbor’s wife,” or “slutty ex-girlfriend” shoots. These sites cater to the mentality that their models are more attainable by Joe Everyman. Many amateur sites are started as a hobby, and then expand into full blown enterprises as word spreads and membership swells. Wifey’s World is a prime example of a husband and wife team (as the marketing would lead you to believe) filming their sexual romps. After 4 years, they’ve accumulated thousands of videos and pictures of themselves having sex in all kinds of situations and locations. Their successful site has been a model for countless start-ups and “me too” sites.

Taking off the Floaties: Gay Sites
Gay sites aren’t about just slapping up pictures of two guys grabbing each other’s crotch. Successfully pitching your wares to gay consumers requires the expertise of someone who understands the landscape of this unique marketplace. Someone in this position will also be able to remind you that the playing field is littered with the smoldering ruins of “straight site” webmasters who underestimated the difficulty and barriers to entry. From color schemes to shoot locations, model attributes to video dialogue, the gay marketplace is like nothing you’ve ever pitched before.

An interesting quirk of gay sites is their appeal to straight consumers. Often, a straight site can run an offer for access to gay materials, and receive some level of conversion. The opposite is not usually true. Advertisements for straight sites run on pages with gay content receive dismal conversions. This irregularity allows straight site webmasters to dip their toe into the gay market and test the waters with little risk.

No Lifeguard on Duty: Next Week
The first two categories of sites have done nothing to prepare you for what’s next. In the second part of this topic, we will delve into the dark corners and back alleys of the online porn industry, exploring fetish sites...

Join us next week, if you dare!