How To Succeed As An Adult Webmaster

Glenn Bossik
You've created a great adult Web site. You've got some quality picture content and possibly streaming video content. You also have an adult store that is supplied through an affiliate marketing program. But, you're not sure how to build quality traffic and the revenue that comes with it. Don't worry. You can succeed.

To do so, you must utilize three basic promotional techniques:

  1. Branding
  2. Journalism
  3. Public Relations

Branding is the art of building name-recognition for your business, which is, in this case, an adult Web site. You can build name-recognition by creating a clear navigational structure for your Web site.

After your Web users get past the warning page of your site, they should have access to a home page with a MasterBorder containing navigation buttons. The MasterBorder lists the title of your site with fancy graphics and can use navigation buttons that name the main sections of your site in the following way:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Store
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Erotica
  • Press Kit
  • Links

The "Home" section will show visitors that they can return to the first part of your site at any time.

The "About Us" section should contain information about you and/or your company.

The "Store" section could be an adult DVD store supplied to you by affiliate marketing companies such as PE Cash ( and Game Link ( This section could also promote membership-based porn star sites like through the affiliate marketing company, NS Cash (

The "Pictures" section could contain your thumbnail galleries, which are the individual sex pictures that get your site visitors extremely horny. It will help you a great deal to hyperlink these pictures to affiliate products you're selling. People do click on mind-blowing pictures.

The "Videos" section should contain streaming porn videos you have leased or gotten through affiliate VOD (Video On Demand) services such as AEBN ( Persian Kitty ( and Playboy ( use AEBN for VOD. So can you.

The "Erotica" section should contain erotica stories and/or news articles about porn stars. You can write fictional erotic stories or buy them from Zip Content ( And, it's fairly easy to write news articles about porn stars. Just visit sites like Pornstar Blog (, where you can obtain quotes from the most popular stars in the industry.

Adult film distributors like Metro Interactive ( and Vivid ( often issue press releases about new adult films, and you can base your articles on those press releases. But, remember to give attribution. This means that you must say that a porn star or distributor announced something or created something. Don't claim someone else's ideas as your own.

For a quick primer on how to write news articles, read "The Associated Press Guide To News Writing," a book by Rene J. Cappon.

By writing your own news articles, you can utilize the second promotional technique I listed: journalism. And, you can attract and retain your site visitors through quality journalism.

This brings me to the third promotional technique I listed: public relations.

To use this technique, you must flesh out the "Press Kit" section of your adult Web site. This section should contain a press release, fact sheet, biography, and possibly a backgrounder.

The press release should announce the launching of your site or a new product or service your site offers. Incidentally, you can distribute your press release to the major adult news publications through XBiz Newscaster, a free service offered by

The fact sheet should list and describe the main sections of your site: store, pictures, video, erotica, etc.

The biography should describe your professional background.

The backgrounder could provide in-depth information about a new product or service that is announced in your press release.

If you want to be taken seriously in the business world, you need a press kit. To learn how to create such a kit, read "The New Publicity Kit," a book by Jeanette Smith.

That brings me to the last section of your adult Web site: "Links." This section should contain banner links you're posting as part of banner exchange programs from other adult Web sites. This is a form of cross-linking that can help you obtain quite a bit of site traffic.

In the end, you can attain success as an adult Webmaster if you utilize promotional techniques such as branding, journalism, and public relations. Your Web site profits are waiting!

Glenn Bossik is an experienced publicist and marketing specialist who works in the mainstream film industry and the adult film industry. He regularly provides adult Webmasters with Web-based marketing and PR services. He can be reached at