Sex Stories On Adult Sites

Perhaps, the rarest section on adult sites is the “Stories” section. While much has already been said in their defense, there are still people who need additional arguments before spending money on adding story content to their sites. Let’s study the "Stories" section and its contents in detail in order to decide whether stories can be helpful for adult webmasters or not.

Your Sandwich: Part Bread From Ham
Very frequently I find a lot of links to adult sites on erotic story sites, but on the contrary, there are rarely enough links to sites with erotic stories on XXX sites. Why does nobody understand that it’s a waste of money and space on a hard drive? Sometimes users are traveling through these links for hours in attempts to find the desired content, and they still do not find it.

Nevertheless, creating a section with stories on an adult site is much easier for the site owner than creating a whole XXX site is for the owner of a sex story site. Just add one more section to your site and the number of your users together with the sum on your account will considerably increase. You don’t need to part bread from ham; otherwise there will be no sandwich.

The Advantages Stories Give To Your Users
First of all, what is the difference between stories and photos or videos? The matter of fact is that stories are actually ordinary text. However, they present the greatest chance for users to use their imagination. One can see certain images and people on photos and in videos, and users can’t vary them by themselves. Therefore, if they would like to make some changes, according to their feelings, they won’t be able to do it. That’s why some people don’t like photos. Human desires are very artful things – subconscious discomfort about one photo can turn into hostility to the whole site. That is why a user can leave a site, in spite of the fact that it looks wonderful.

In stories, a person can realize and mentally visualize his own imagination, connected with him personally. For example, the scenes from a forgotten childhood or an association with his relatives. Besides, he can mentally change heroes, and bring in his own details at any moment. In other words, he wakes up his most secret desires. The potential of stories is compared well with photos, and sometimes even exceeds them in effect. For this reason, the number of visitor to story sites is sometimes even more than the number of adult site visitors.

What You Get From Stories
If you combine the advantages of adult paid sites and the attractive features of stories, you can receive better results as compared with the average paid site without a stories section. Stories will help you increase the number of site visitors and site users, prolong the site membership of many registered users, and improve the image of the whole site.

Besides, it gives you a lot of side benefits. For example, if you didn’t have time to buy new photos, now you can add fresh stories as an update. Or you can make stories an exclusive feature of your site and increase the cost of registration a little. Another variant is to make some stories the bonus which is given to all users registered in a certain period. In other words, stories can add a significant sum of money to your bottom line and impressive number of users to your site.

If you have an opportunity to improve your site and make it more attractive to users with the help of one simple section, don’t hesitate! Later the advantages of stories will become clear for all webmasters, and everyone will start to create similar sections on their sites. You now have a chance to become one of the first, and please your users with new materials.

Hurry up, time presses! ~ Karen