What Do Your Users Want?

This issue is very important for all categories of webmasters and adult site owners. If you just plan to open a new site, think about the things to be made, the reason why users should choose you, and the secret of popularity. If you already own several sites, it’s never too late to modify the idea of user needs, since it can essentially raise your site and company rating. If you are a newbie in site mastering, begin the work with a definition of the target audience and its interests, it will help you choose the best content. If you have already been in the adult industry for several years, it’s never too late to update your skills, because user interests can change.

Bread And Circuses!
"Bread and circuses!" crowds of the Roman people shouted suffering from hunger for food and shows. Now, when foodstuff problems have already been solved, the hunger for circuses appears more sharply, bustled with imagination and evoking the basic instincts. Such circuses nowadays have turned into erotic photos, videos, stories etc. But why do people search for pornography instead of switching on the TV when there are so many erotic episodes?

The main reason for this is the interest in the "forbidden" subject, warmed up by hearing half-words and whispers from your childhood. By virtue of curiosity, kids always want to find out what mom and daddy are doing in a closed room at night, what the difference between boys and girls is, etc. If parents are delaying the explanations for a long time, a kid starts to show an increased interest in such secrets; he searches for explanations in TV, among other kids of his age and adults, and makes the first attempts to find it out himself. As a rule, after the first sex experience, the interest in the questions of sex fades away a little. However, some people still have the inclination to uncover such information, and for different reasons (either because of the lack of frequent contacts with the opposite sex, or very much the other way) people start to get interested in "spicy things." This subject is considered taboo in the human society. For this reason, people desire to taste forbidden fruit, because the forbidden is much sweeter. Earlier they had to be content with films and photos of men and women in magazines, now, with the development of information technologies and Internet, they can receive all of this at once on one site. Besides, the access to such information can be easily received on the Net.

But by virtue of human character features, just watching forbidden scenes isn’t enough; even more pleasure can be gained from sharing emotions about them with other people. Thus, both the information need, and the need of intercourse are satisfied. It would be desirable to notice that the second need is not less important than the first one, though many adult site owners don’t realize it. From the psychological point of view, there is no special difference between adult sites visitors and show business star site visitors. Both of them are pleased to see new photos and videos and thirsty to share their impressions about them as well. The only distinction is that the last ones always have forums and polls together with comments, and the first ones sometimes don’t have even a message board. Though I should point out that adult sites sometimes exceed the sites of celebrities in regard to the quality of their photos.

User Preferences
In order to find out user preferences, you can use such tools as polls, comments and message boards. You can build the rating of the best content elements based on user responses to different kinds of materials (photos, videos, etc.). The analysis of user registration information and log-files serves as another source for the definition of your audience preferences. Even supposing that users have specified incorrect data at registration, you can determine their age group, sex and preferences, having studied their visited pages.

How To Determine What Your Users Want
As always, everything depends on your opportunities and desire. You can contact a specialist in market research to carry out the analysis of the target audience and its priorities, define the most popular sections of your site and create effective advertisements. You may also rely on your intuition - delete and add materials by yourself, observing the user reaction: if the number of registered users isn’t increased, it’s time for changes, if they show interest in your site, you’d better touch nothing, and if they run away from you, you should promptly change your site politics. You can use HTML and create a script for a message board, and remove bugs from it during the next month or two. Finally, you can install a good content manager to automatically create all of the above-mentioned elements of a site.

Actually, you can achieve success in a quite simple way – just give your users what they want. But to do it, you should understand their needs, foresee their desires, and sometimes make them want the things you offer. Experience and skills come with time, but it is you who can speed your education up.

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