Gaining the Client's Loyalty

The man is a social creature, thus, he has a natural need of a dialog. He chooses some people for close and permanent relations, the people whom he trusts, and calls them friends. Whatever may happen in other spheres of his life, he always remains loyal to his friends.

A client’s loyalty to a company has the same nature with friendship – it is formed on the emotional level. Loyalty is based on the presence of the company image in a client’s mind (he "remembers" about it), the confidence to it (its quality, image is marked) and sympathies to it. Loyalty itself is an advantage practically in any situation. In fact, loyalty has been replaced by mobility in our society. Nowadays people change places of work, houses, shops and even spouses easier and more often, than in the past. So, why do you think they will hesitate to change an adult site?

Passivity used to form the basis of loyalty some time ago. If clients were satisfied with a service, the majority of them kept using it. Today loyalty can be considered as idleness among clients. And one of the main business problems of current importance is to persuade clients that being loyal is clever and profitable. Clients become more and more experienced in questions of marketing, rewards and their own value that also influences the issue of loyalty. Their needs are very unsteady. Today one has to be very attentive to permanently varying clients’ wishes and keep in line with any individual desires.

Why Loyalty Is So Important
Modern marketing researches proved that the income of known clients makes more than the income of the new ones. In order to keep the client’s attention to the company, you should invent original and interesting variants of service presentation to have an opportunity of the permanent communication with clients. Don’t not let them forget about the existence of your company and at the same time don’t bore them with your ads (the problem is complicated, isn’t it?).

In order to influence the clients whom you would like to keep, first, you need to think out new grounds to apply to them. These people should receive a lot of emails from you during the period of your cooperation, if you do not want to lose them. You should regularly inform them about news and additional services. Second, while corresponding with clients, you should use the company style in your emails, thus creating an integral impression about your company. In fact, you goal is to make random consumers the permanent users of your site.

The Most Important Tips for Establishing Loyalty
The major strategic mission of adult webmaster is to stimulate the client’s desire to respond to his offer, in order to continue the dialog with the client and, finally, give him the paid services. The whole process looks like a kind of personal commercial conversation which is constructed according to definite rules.

When you’re writing an email, try to answer the reader’s possible questions instead of the obvious ones. Clients always want to get a little bit more information than average – it strengthens their self-confidence and makes the basis for further detailed discussions. If a client can’t ask some question personally, but there is a chance of it’s occurrence, you’d better give the answer beforehand.

Do not change priorities. Permanent clients should be the first to be serviced. You can get 10 times more response from them than from “fresh” clients. Do not dispatch advertising items of mail to the address of the persons who have shown interest to your goods too frequently if it economically is not justified.

Develop your own client relationship improvement program, based on the distinctions among strategies of your competitors. Don’t head for your own taste, think about the preferences of your audience.

Never ignore a postscript. After having looked through a page, 90% of readers start reading a postscript. It can raise the reader’s interest and prompt him to read the entire letter.

Depersonalized emails do not create the atmosphere of trust. Don’t hesitate to call the client by his name or choose a polite and respectful form of address, if you don’t know his personal information. You also shouldn’t omit your own name, the name of your company and your position. The more information clients learn about the sender, the more chances of a positive response you have.

Do not hope that the reader himself will understand the logic of your advertising text. Before sending an ad via email, make sure that its paragraphs and headers come in a proper order. Check whether the switch one idea to another is carried out easily.

There is no need in turning an advertising letter into a literary work. But remember that vivid and expressive means brighten up the letter and create positive mood, though you should avoid generalizations, stamps and abstract concepts. Try to make your letters emotionally colored. Share a good mood with your clients and it will return to you in cash.