Is College Really Worth It?

When you are working your butt off trying to make ends meet and get yourself a college education, the question of whether or not college is a good idea often flutters through your subconscious mind – often right before a big exam...

But if you’re determined to be a part of the adult industry, does a college degree really matter? Well, it depends on who you talk to and what the degree is.

For example, as a writer, an English degree might not have been a waste of time. At least I hope not, because I spent too much time and energy on it.

However, if you’re a web designer or a systems administrator, chances are most companies are going to want those people to have some serious hands-on ability and training. A four-year degree might look good on paper, but when it comes down to it; your potential boss wants to know that you’ve had hands-on experience. A typical four-year course will not give you that.

Where would you go to get the hands-on training? Most technical schools offer hands-on training, but in that, you would get usually only an Associate’s degree, if that.

ITT Tech offers a Bachelor’s program in the Information Technology Systems Administration course. You also get certifications as you go along the program.

What about photographers? Do they need college in order to be more desirable? Not necessarily, but they should have some formal training in photography. Just point and shoot doesn’t make you a photographer. There’s the lighting, the backdrop, the pose, the re-touching, etc. College or a trade school is a good idea here.

I have yet to see a school for porn models, but if there is one out there, I’d be interested in hearing about it. Models need to be able to be punctual, pleasant to work with, and able to enjoy themselves. Those who are going for any sort of intercourse work need to be able to provide up-to-date medical records proving themselves to be STD free.

There are occasionally apprenticeship programs available to those who have a specific job in mind. I wish there were more of these; it would save a lot of time and trouble for all parties involved.

I absolutely believe that one must have at least a G.E.D. or high school diploma before even thinking about joining the ranks of the adult community. Even with one of the afore-mentioned, you’re barely qualified for a McJob.

College or formal training in the job of your choice is a golden opportunity to make yourself much more marketable. If you have the desire, then go for it. In the United States, there are all sorts of grants and scholarships available, and if nothing else, unsubsidized student loans will at least get you the education you need to survive. (Note: I am unsure about educational benefits in other countries, but if someone would like to let me know, I’m always interested in new information that I can pass along!)

Don’t sell yourself short. Self-assess and discover your talents, gifts, and interests. Base your career on what you like, not on what you think will earn the money, because if you’re miserable in your line of work, then you’re going to eventually quit and the money will no longer flow.

The adult industry is much like any other. We need highly-trained individuals, capable hands, and intelligence to keep us going. College does help. Good luck! ~ Tala

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