"Ya Gotta Wanna"

Stephen Yagielowicz
I was chatting with my neighbor the other day when he revealed the fact that he once knew another couple who had an adult Web site, and thought having one of his own would be a cool and profitable hobby. "Is there a simple key to success?" he asked. "You bet!" I replied...

I went on to explain some of the different types of adult sites currently in vogue, as well as some of the operational pros and cons of each, and then offered a little advice on an easy way to enter the business for free; to see if it was something he would really enjoy, and could actually make some money at.

I then discussed what would be required if he wanted to turn a profit. This ode to the secret of pornmongering success can be succinctly summed up in three little words: "Ya Gotta Wanna..."

At this point, let me tell you that if you're already making a decent amount of money from your site, you need read no further. But if you're one of the tens of thousands of "newbie" or simply unprofitable site operators struggling to make a buck out there, then hang on and let me try to elaborate on these three little words of wisdom.

You see, my neighbor, a bright and ambitious 22 year old with a good job, was looking for some extra cash, but without the burdens of having an extra job. He enjoys spending time surfing the Internet and "playing on the computer." Oh, and of course – he has an eye for beautiful women. Building a porn site seems like a natural choice... Sound familiar?

The biggest problem with his plan was in the "without the burdens of having an extra job" part. Online adult entertainment, like any field of endeavor, rewards participants in the time-honored "you get back what you put in" mechanism: Put in a little, get back a little. Put in a lot, and the sky's the limit for your rewards.

This is the essence of "Ya Gotta Wanna" – or in other words, the secret to success in this industry (and most others) is "commitment" along with "patience" and "perseverance."

You need to make a commitment of time and energy to do the necessary (often daily) tasks required to maintain and promote a Website. Whether it's gallery submissions (or approvals), traffic trades, search engine optimization (and submission) or any of the thousand and one other things you'll need to do, it will come at the expense of other pastimes, especially if you also work a full time job. Wanna hang out at the lake and play with your jet ski? Or perhaps a nice ride out on the mini bike? Sorry, you've got email to answer...

While finding and maintaining that ever elusive balance between work and play is important, it's also important to realize that having a Website is work – not play (at least if you hope to profit).

Beyond these basic issues that apply to most businesses, there is an "emotional" factor in adult that can be quite pronounced if you are married or in a serious relationship. For example, my neighbor's wife is currently pregnant – and it shows. A beautiful girl, she is carrying what appears to be a soccer ball under her blouse, and this is not exactly an aphrodisiac for most guys. Along with the soccer ball comes a load of hormones and enhanced sensitivity that might have trouble coping with a husband spending his free time looking at (other) naked women.

Don’t underestimate the hell on the home front that a career in porn can inspire.

The bottom line is simple: There’s money to be made, and freedom to enjoy through online adult entertainment – but it comes at an often steep price, and if you expect success, “ya gotta wanna” make it happen! Stay focused! ~ Stephen

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