HIV And The Adult Industry


It should be basic common sense these days, especially in the world of pornography, to get tested every six months or so for the HIV virus. Even more so, it should be the intelligent option to use a condom when engaging in any sexual act.

So how is it that a well-known star of adult movies suddenly comes up HIV positive, with another star, this one a mere fledgling to the industry, coming up positive as well, directly attributed to her contact with the first-mentioned individual?

It’s sad, to say the least. With the adult industry’s penchant for hot sex scenes, most often without any protection between the co-stars, shouldn’t there be a bit of a thought for the safety of the actors?

Recent industry news is all abuzz with the story. The question is: shouldn’t there be a regulation stating that all actors must be tested at certain time increments for STDs? Is there such a rule? If so, who overlooked it?

Sadly enough, it seems that many producers overlook the tests. Many don’t even check, or if paperwork is provided, it is only given a cursory examination before a scene begins. As we have seen, this can lead to serious consequences.

Still, the adult industry has thus far been relatively free of STDs. However, with the recent admission of the two stars’ infections, the scare has begun, and even mainstream media has picked up on the news, spreading the concern and fear to those outside the industry.

There are of course some ideas about where the infections were picked up, but the where is not as important as the why. Believe it or not, HIV and AIDS, along with other sexually transmitted diseases, are completely avoidable. The sad reality is that while they are preventable, they are not all curable. Genital herpes, HIV and AIDS are three well-known diseases that have no known cure.

So if a disease like this is preventable, why would anyone be willing to risk their lives for pornography? To be honest, the money is easy for the willing models. Those who are willing to go “bare back” are more easily placed in jobs where their talents are desired.

If you are a performer, it’s high time for you to take stock in what you choose to do. Get yourself tested regularly, be able to provide verification that you are disease free, and do all that you can do to make sure that those with whom you perform are also disease free. This goes double for any scene in which you are expected to perform without a condom.

Use condoms whenever possible. This should go without saying, but after all, this is the adult industry, and we realize how hard it can be to perform with a condom. The public doesn’t want to see that latex raincoat.

Perhaps, though, it is time for the public to see that even the adult actors are using protection these days. It might send a message of safety that would be heeded by those who imagine themselves on camera.

Preaching safety to the masses is a good start, but now the time has come to practice what is preached. Be safe, be clean, and use a condom. Let’s avoid more sad situations where the industry’s favorites as well as its fledglings are caught unaware.

Take care of yourselves. Seriously. ~ Tala

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