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Recently I received an email from someone, a newbie to the adult industry, who had read one of my previous articles. I had mentioned niches in that article but had not given any specific details about niches.

The email asked several questions, which I am about to address. I’m delighted that someone took the time to find my email address and ask me about my articles, and I invite those of you reading to do the same if you’d like. I will provide the email address later for you if you want it.

One of the questions in my email was: “What is a niche and what is so special about it?” Let me explain, and hopefully things will start to make sense.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary provides this as part of its definition for a niche: “d. a specialized market.” That’s the definition that the adult industry uses. A niche, in the adult business, is a specialized market, defined by the surfers’ particular tastes and enjoyment.

When we say that sex sells, we mean it. Think of it as an ice-cream parlor. Sex comes in all different flavors, and we call those flavors niches. When we try to sell sex, we sell it by the niche. You wouldn’t try to sell pistachio ice-cream to someone who wants the rocky-road, would you? Nor would you try to sell hardcore to someone who just wants glamour girls.

Some of the most popular niches are: Anal, BDSM/bondage, blowjob, cum shot, hardcore, m.i.l.f., mature, teen, lesbian, and gay. But anything can be a niche, because there’s always a market for even the strangest stuff, if you know where to look.

That was the niche question in a nutshell. Now I’ll try to explain why niches are so special, and we’ll go from there.

Imagine that you’re a porn surfer and you’re looking for something specific. You’re going to insert that particular term into your favorite search engine, and off you go. But how do you know what term to insert in the search engine, and how does the search engine know what to look for when you ask for a certain item?

Example: Let’s say you want to see some good bondage content. You know what bondage is because it’s something that you like to see. You type “bondage” into the search engine and it comes back with incredible amounts of information and site listings galore for your viewing pleasure.

Bondage is a niche. As a surfer, you have the desire to see that sort of thing, and you actively go looking for it. Once you’ve done that, you’re delighted with the results of your search.

A search engine can provide someone who is looking for a specific niche a plethora of sites. When you’re creating a site, you insert meta tags into the head of the document, often by listing its niche first, because that’s what your surfers look for! So a niche is special because it’s what defines your content to the surfer.

Hopefully I haven’t confused you. Hopefully I’ve made some things clearer. Hopefully I haven’t been too redundant, hopefully.

Take care of yourselves. (For those who would like to ask me stuff and don’t want to spend forty-five years looking for an email address, please write to me at: ~ Tala

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