What to Do Now?


When you feel like you’ve done everything that you can possibly do, what else can you do? You’ve done the galleries, you’ve built the sites, you’ve got the sponsors, you’ve got the host, and you’ve submitted your stuff. Now what?

My friends, you have only just begun. Congratulations on getting this far, but you’re in for a shock if you think there’s nothing else you can do. Now that you’ve gotten your stuff submitted, it’s time to tweak it.

Many TGPs will only allow you to submit so many galleries a day, and once submitted, you’re not allowed to make changes to your galleries. But you can always use the galleries you’ve made as templates.

Using the galleries you’ve made, insert new pictures and text. There’s no need to build new galleries when the templates are good. You can then submit the new galleries to different TGPs.

However, do not rely on those templates. After two or three submits, those are outdated and need to be shelved for a while. Try building new ones now. See? Now you have something else to do.

What about the text? Do you think that the same text is going to sell forever? Nonsense. Write some new sales text and save it in a notepad file for the next time you need it. There, that’s something else you can do.

How about picture resizing and thumbnail creation? Have you done that with all of your pictures? Do you have some video that needs cropping? Do you know how to crop the video?

Have you created your hub yet? Do you know what a hub is? What’s on your main site? Does it need to be proofread? There are so many things that can be done that you’re never going to be done.

Therein lies the secret. No matter how much you have done, there is always something more to do. You can always find something, and if you can’t find anything, then it’s time to create a new project and find stuff to do with it.

This business doesn’t pay off to slackers. It’s not 1994 anymore, folks. You can’t just make a site and expect it to gather traffic and make sales. You have to want it, and you have to push it.

There’s more to a site than the building of it. Even when you’ve done all that you think you can do, there’s promotion, gathering new content to keep the site fresh, grunt work submission, and a thousand other things that could be done to keep the members coming.

Even if it’s just a small free site, there’s a million things to do. Nothing is ever done, at least not if you want to keep bringing the signups. There’s money, millions of dollars, in fact, that’s waiting to be spent on Internet pornography. Are you going to be making it, or are you done?

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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