Does It Really Matter?


In the adult industry, what makes the biggest difference in terms of money? Are we so jaded and lost that we don’t see new ways of making cash, but instead stick to our guns and run with what we know?

Truth be told, most of us tend to go with what we know turns a dollar. Whether it be galleries on TGPs or running a paysite or freesite, we are die-hard fans of stuff that has brought us money in the past.

But will what we’re currently doing continue to bring in the money? Chances are, unless you’re willing to adapt to the changing face of technology, you’re going to be out of the running.

Several things are happening right now. The world is fast becoming a global market for porn and adult news, and despite laws and regulations that seem to be popping up just as fast as new technology, the fact is that people will find a way to get their daily dose of sexuality.

Palm pilots are just one new thing that’s edging in on the wireless revolution. Porn for PDAs is starting to sell incredibly well, and the forerunners of the market are seeing some serious gains.

Cell phones are a two-fold goodie. Not only can they now access Internet sites with the touch of a button, but they can also access phone sex, which is what the cell phone was seemingly made to do. Not only can the industrious entrepreneur cash in on phone sex with this handy little portable gadget, but he can also rake in some extra cash from selling compatible websites.

With the new technology comes a price. Webmasters are finding it difficult to keep up with some of the newer stuff. How many of you have built a site strictly for PDAs? Not many, but those who have done it are seeing the profit from being among the first to do so.

With the Internet becoming so saturated with adult material, could it be that the new age of communication has stepped in? Who knows how to market these new ideas?

Innovative webmasters and Internet marketers know how to market these ideas, and to whom they need to market. The average Joe is still finding the Internet to be a wonderful place full of all the porn they can handle at the click of a mouse, but what about the businessman flying first class? He certainly doesn’t want his wife to see what he’s been ogling, so he uses his cell to access the smut he wants.

Travelers seem to make up the majority of the PDA/cell smut users, and of those, businessmen seem to be the main category of users. Since the average guy is still at home on his duff hoping his wife won’t catch him, savvy businessmen are scanning a fast peek at the hotties by way of a wireless connection.

The future is coming faster than we think, folks. Does it really matter if we go along for the ride? Are you going to let the future take you on its journey, or are you going to stay at home, jerking and hoping your wife doesn’t catch you?

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild, profitable ride! Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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