What Do I Need to Succeed?


A recent poll on a popular message board asked the question “What Five Things Does A Webmaster Need to be Successful?” Interesting topic: I think I’ll expand on it in today’s article!

Before a Webmaster can be titled a Webmaster, he needs to have at least some inkling of how HTML works. If you are clueless as to how HTML works, I suggest that you take a few classes, or learn by yourself from the many available online courses. Either way, that’s going to be your very first step.

A successful Webmaster must not be lazy. If you aren’t sure if you’re ready for this, ask yourself: “Am I willing to take the necessary steps to ensure my success?” If your answer is anything but a resounding "yes," go back to flipping burgers or working 9-5 for someone else. That’s harsh, but it’s the truth that you need to hear.

A Webmaster must be willing to learn if he is to succeed. There are always new innovations that need to be mastered or at least looked into. You certainly don’t know everything when you begin, and there is no one person who does know everything, no matter how long ago they started their business. Learn, be willing to improvise, and know what stuff to forget along the way.

Webmasters must be creative if they are to succeed. Innovate, and don’t be afraid to try things that no one else has tried. Innovations tend to make their creators very wealthy if marketed correctly. Don’t be afraid of yourself or your abilities. Use what you’ve got and make yourself known as a Webmaster of innovation!

Be ready to roll with changes. You aren’t always going to be able to make money doing the same thing that the world has already seen. There are always changes happening in the world of Internet pornography, and you’re going to have to be ready to adapt or your business will falter, wither, and die. That can happen faster than you may think, so be on your toes.

It’s okay to be nervous, it’s fine to be even terrified of your success, especially if you’re one of the lucky few for whom the success comes quickly. Despite what may be thought and generally accepted, success is a very heady, frightening thing sometimes. Don’t be ashamed of your fear, but don’t let it get you down either. If you want to continue your success, be ready to put your fears behind you and plow through the nervousness.

Successful Webmasters know when to take a break. They’ve worked through the long, dull hours, putting together things that turn out to be complete failures. They have labored on the galleries. They have burned themselves out, and they have learned through a painful process when to take a day off for mental health purposes. Learning is something that we all do on our own, so don’t expect to know how or when to take that needed break. It’ll happen, and you’ll know it when it does.

Successful Webmasters are hardy souls who know how and when to learn something new. They understand that while they can’t possibly know everything, they can certainly learn new ideas and expand upon the new innovations that are heralded on an almost daily basis.

Don’t try to do everything. Try to do a few things, and do them very well. Find your niche, work it, love it and let that niche guide you to your success. In all things, know thyself. Know your limits, know your desires, and know how to get them, even if it means you have to relearn what you thought you already knew.

Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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