Pushing the Live Envelope

Ann Oui
Founded in 1997, InterClimax specializes in live video feeds and interactive content. The original goal of the company was to project Amsterdam's famous live sex shows into cyberspace — and it achieved that with great success — but over the years its products and goals have continued to expand.

Today, InterClimax operates more than 50 studios around the world, employs more than 60 people and provides powerful content (250 models online daily) to affiliates and licensees that include some of the most famous performers in the industry.

Though still perceived as being a local, Amsterdam-based company, look for that perception to change in the weeks and months to come.

Over the past few years, Interclimax has also introduced new technologies into its networks and altered some of its business models in interesting ways. Four years ago, for example, they replaced recurring billing with lifetime memberships, a change that was replicated by others, according to Interclimax president Ben Jelloun.

"Time and again, we have seen others copy our ideas," Jelloun said, "which is something I take as a compliment. We are proud of what we have accomplished, including pushing the boundaries of the Internet. The only way you can make money in our industry now is by introducing something new and unique. To survive we have to have a good image so end-users will trust us."

Recently, InterClimax introduced a new process that allows members to have their very own webcam streamed online. The company's bi-directional, live-feed technology gave rise to the new service, called i2i, which gives the user the ability to plug his Webcam into his computer. Without downloading anything, he can be viewed by the model and other site members, so that the models can now see the member during a 'gang-chat' or a private session, as well as the member seeing the model in real time.

They also have developed software that makes it possible to stream directly via the Internet to television, offering up to 25 frames per second. "We see this technology as having great potential in other markets and not only within the adult market," Jelloun said. "Last year, InterClimax broadcast its own television show within the Netherlands, an in-depth, fly-on-the-wall look at our models; how they live and work. It was shown every night for two months and now can be found at"

Interclimax has not finished climaxing, not by a long shot.

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