Ron Jeremy

Bob Preston
While promoting his autobiography, "The Hardest (Working) Man In Showbiz," Ron Jeremy told any reporter who would listen that his book features at least 150 "holy shit" moments, and indeed, the life of a world-famous porn star includes some eyebrow-raisers:

  • Jeremy met a dog that had participated in an actual bestiality scene with a famous porn star.

  • Jeremy boasts more than 4,000 sex partners, but he's only paid for sex once — inadvertently. Indirectly. Via Charlie Sheen.

  • Jeremy got arrested for various charges while shooting porn back in the '80s, but emerged clean.

  • Jeremy has had one STD in his life, but he didn't get it from working in porn.

  • Jeremy participated in the making of "John Wayne Bobbit: Uncut."

But with respect to the porn legend, Jeremy's book isn't shocking. Sure, it might shock conservatives, but when it comes to porn fans, the book will merely be a satisfying romp through the life of a true-blue hedonist, a voracious worker and an upstanding ambassador for the adult industry.

That's right — upstanding. Jeremy might not be holding picket signs for free speech rights, but he can be seen engaged in live debates with anti-porn pastor Craig Gross of and representing the adult industry on talk shows. Throughout his book, Jeremy quietly argues for the legitimate role that adult entertainment plays in a healthy society.

"We like to think of ourselves as marital aids," he writes, a believable claim.

Ghostwriter Eric Spitznagel channels Jeremy's high-energy voice into a steady narrative that is replete with self-effacing humor and honesty. While promoting this book, Jeremy also made repeated claims that everything in his book is true, and he offers footnotes with confirming sources for his nuttier claims.

That said, the chief underlying theme in Jeremy's book is disappointment. He repeatedly says that he would drop his career in porn for mainstream acting on a moment's notice, and the book's dust jacket features a blurb that reads: "Ron Jeremy is an internationally acclaimed actor, stand-up comedian, classically trained pianist, accredited special education teacher and renowned college lecturer. In his spare time, he's also starred in roughly two thousand [sic] adult films."

Jeremy records every encounter he's ever had with mainstream, from celebrities who have brushed him off to random shots of himself with movie stars. One depressing picture shows him standing near Matthew McConaughey, who is obviously looking in another direction.

But Jeremy inspires, all the same. His charm as an adult performer — besides his 9-inch-plus penis — lies in his looks, or lack thereof. A glance at his MySpace page reveals comments from pudgy, middle-aged guys who call Jeremy their hero. Jeremy himself revels in this dichotomy and happily assures everyone that despite his legendary ejaculation control, he has screwed up the occasional porn shoot with an unexpected pop-shot — and embarrassing fall, to boot.

Over in the world of mainstream acting, Jeremy is a similar inspiration. He got started in New York theater but never found his place. He submitted naked photos of himself to Playgirl Magazine on a lark and turned into a regular on the New York swinging scene of the '80s and the Los Angeles nightlife scene of the '90s and today — to say nothing of his prodigious, iconic porn career.

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