Don't Be So Shy!


Even the stupid questions get answered: You've got to start somewhere when learning something new, but if you don't ask, there in lies the danger of never learning, and therefore never succeeding. Here's what you can learn by asking the right questions on XBiz' Message Boards:

• Want to know what the best methods for earning money from your sites are?

Timberwoods asks: "first post, so hello everyone! Just wondering what the best method of earning money from a site is? So far I've figured two options, a dialer or a pay-monthly subscription? Open to alternative suggestions."

SeeSea suggests: "Why choose one method of payment, use both! CCBill offers both dialer and monthly options. As jasonfree has already suggested, there are many other variables that go in the mix when deciding what makes the most money."

• Want to know why Webmasters exchange links?

Sexcam asks: "Why do you exchange links: For keeping Google happy? Expecting traffic returns? Putting in links, which provide more content in your particular niche for your visitors? My ratio currently is 70% for Google (sites which rank high), 25% for traffic returns and 5% for my visitors. Does it depend on whether your site is a startup or a well-known site, how much traffic you already have and what content you have?"

UK_dude answers: "I suppose I do all three, each to varying degrees. At the end of the day the more links to your site you have, the more traffic, and that is the aim of the game. The profile of your site will tend to dictate how many visitors you get, e.g., a TGP is likely to get more traffic than a micro-niche site, but that again depends on the niche of the micro-site."

• Want to know how caring Webmasters are and that we're not just about sex?

I asked: "My mind is completely on my mother today; she has been very ill and in tremendous pain for a few years now (and part of the reason why I moved back to my hometown). She is having intense back surgery right now at Stanford in San Francisco, CA. They are placing 2 titanium rods down her complete spine. My mom is tired – and I am worried. So, for those of you who believe in the power of prayer, please send one up for her."

Among many other loving prayers, Dragon Bucks responded: "I hope all goes well and she gets better, good luck and God bless!" It's nice to see in this business that there are people who care so much that we can come together on this board and share our hopes and wishes for those in need.

• Want to know what Webmasters offer and how helpful they are?

UK_dude give us a clue: "Hi all. You may have noticed the 'Daily Tip' thread in the Speak Your Mind forum. This is starting to build up into a valuable source of information for everyone. You don't have to be an expert to contribute. Whether you are a newbie or seasoned webmaster you will have some information that will help someone else. Even things that may seem obvious to you may not be so to other people. So next time you think of something that may help others, please post it and share with fellow XBizers!"

SeeSea responded: "Your tips and tricks, advice or experiences just might help someone... Don't be afraid, stop lurking and come join in too!"

• Want helpful comments and criticism?

Trampa4 asks: "This is my first time posting to XBiz and I would like to say hello to everybody. I have developed my first pay site and I would like to invite everyone to check out my free tour. Thank you for all your time and please feel free to give me your comments and criticism."

Graphicsbytia replied: "Ok, here's my opinion on your design. The tour lacks enthusiasm for the porn. It's almost as if you've used the porn to dress up the graphics instead of the other way around like it should be. Graphics should subtly enhance the content not override it. I would lose the girl with the gun and concentrate more on selling the site. Use graphical, colorful text to describe what exciting things the surfer has in store for inside. For example, maybe some hot red shiny beveled text telling them something nasty they're going to see a particular girl do inside. Short, hard hitting text. Also, I'd put the enter link on the warning page on the right. People expect it to be there."

• Want alternatives?

Sexball asks: "I need an Alternative to Paypal. Well I guess everyone is still searching for a good place to do our online business. If anyone has anymore info please feel free to share."

Sperbonzo shares: "You may also want to look at Duocash as an additional way to process transactions along with your credit card processor. We enable pre-paid phone cards to be used, which means that we have nothing to do with VISA/MC and we are not subject to their regulations. We are not looking to be a replacement for credit cards, but rather an anonymous, additional method to get customers who might otherwise not want to, or be able to, give a CC# to adult sites. Our system also works very well for micro payments as there is no per-transaction fee of 15 to 50 cents like you have with CC transactions."

"We are putting together some VERY large deals that will be implemented in the next 60 days or so that will put us all over the US and Canada, and we are in discussions to expand to Australia and the EU. We are not in the business of selling phone cards. The problem with earlier business models has been distribution of proprietary cards. The retailers won't stock the cards if the customers aren't asking for them. The consumers aren't aware of the cards if they aren't on retailer's shelves. It's a chicken and egg type of issue. "

"In our case, we have done something different. We are taking a product that is ALREADY on the shelves, in distribution online, and in call centers. We are enabling the existing phone cards that are already on the market and being distributed, to be used by consumers to purchase digital content on the Internet. This also avoids the issue of a single-use card that won't be carried by retailers and distributors because of perception problems associated with a card that is specific to adult, gaming, etc."

• Are you tired or have insomnia?

I'm going to finish off with a great article I found at XBiz from Tala, entitled: "Insomnia Can Be Fun" as I know that many Webmasters can relate. Tala begins: "So it's 1a.m. and you're sitting there staring blankly at a monitor full of stats that may or may not have fluctuated in the past five or so hours. The coffee isn't helping, and your hands are starting to shake. Sound familiar? If it does, take heart: this is another of those things that every webmaster has dealt with. It's just your turn now..."

Jasonfree comments: "Good article. I agree on this 100%. Sleeplessness can cause the mind to work overtime, especially after one has passed the "I'm-so-tired-I-wanna-die" stage. I don't recommend that you try to stay awake this long, because the "highly energetic" stage isn't very far from the "hallucinations" stage." I sometimes feel very energetic when I don't sleep for 20-15 hours and buy domains, make game plans and plenty of activities like that in 2-3 hours and sleep with hundreds of various ideas and dreams.

These qualified, educational answers and comments are only a minute portion of what you can learn if you could only get up the courage to ask – what do you have to lose? It never hurts to ask; and there's always a Webmaster waiting with an answer. There's no time to be shy: time is money, so don't waste it; hit the XBiz message boards today! ~ Ayrora