Insomnia Can Be Fun


So it’s 1a.m. and you’re sitting there staring blankly at a monitor full of stats that may or may not have fluctuated in the past five or so hours. The coffee isn’t helping, and your hands are starting to shake.

Sound familiar? If it does, take heart: this is another of those things that every webmaster has dealt with. It’s just your turn now.

If you’re looking for interesting ways to deal with your lack of sleep, might I interest you in some suggestions for late-night hoopla?

You could continue to sit there and stare at a stats page that doesn’t seem like it’s moved since the Reagan administration, or you could try making a new gallery. It is often interesting to see what things come up to a tired mind.

Sleeplessness can cause the mind to work overtime, especially after one has passed the “I’m-so-tired-I-wanna-die” stage. I don’t recommend that you try to stay awake this long, because the “highly energetic” stage isn’t very far from the “hallucinations” stage. But if you’re already here, why not go nuts and submit some galleries, buy some domains, shoot some content, write some stories, build a site or three, or whatever else is going to get you productively through the night.

When you’re lying awake at night unable to sleep and your significant other is either happily dreaming or loudly snoring (or both), think of ways to promote your stuff. If that doesn’t make you go to sleep, or worse, excites you so much that you can’t sleep, get up and implement the ideas.

Still having trouble sleeping? Try some do-it-yourself-gallery descriptions. Go through every gallery you have and describe it in such a manner that someone who’s looking through TGP listings will want to click on your gallery just by reading a simple three to five word tagline. No galleries? Make some!

Go warm some milk or some chamomile tea and try some soft music in the background while you update your member’s area. Go through your Websites and check for typographical errors, then correct them and re-upload them.

Still awake, hmmm? Create some banners or buttons for your sites, and pay particular attention to detail. Get them just perfect, and remember to save them before you fall asleep at the keyboard.

You might take the time to check over at NetMechanic, (, and see how fast all of your pages load. If they take longer than ten seconds, your stuff is too slow and you probably should consider tweaking. That should keep you busy until sunrise if you have many sites.

Send your sponsors a nice email thanking them for the last check you got in the mail or wired payment you received. They tend to like that. Plus it gives you something else to do that could pay off later.

If all else fails, take some of your insomniac time to check out your competition’s sites and see what they’re doing. What they have going could be something you need to consider for your own sites; competition is king!

Hopefully you’ll soon be over your case of insomnia. Take care of yourselves! ~ Tala

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