Lessons in quitting while ahead

Gram Ponante
This image is the sexiest one in the entirety of the Kim Kardashian video, and it occurs about 30 seconds in.

The dust is still settling on who made what amount of money from whom, but one can't help but think of another Vivid star, Sunny Leone.

I have been watching the "Debbie Does Dallas...Again" series on Showtime. It has the honor of being 25 percent of the shows I tape, along with "Family Guy", "Teletubbies", and "Battlestar Galactica".

Typical of reality shows, "Debbie" is elaborately staged and the individuals involved take on hyper-real character traits. A central conflict is that "Sunny can't play Debbie because she won't do guys."

Kardashian won't make a good Vivid Girl because she hardly does anything.

I do hope she got some money, though; all this useless hype should at least teach someone a lesson.

Read the review here. Previously: Vivid does Kim...again; Wrangling a sex tape; Is the feature dead?

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