Laurie Biviano
CCBill and CCBill-EU provide solutions. Whether for clients, their affiliates or the consumer, the company has worked since 1998 to deliver reliable global payment processing systems and stellar support services.

Over the course of the past nine years, the words "trust" and "reliability" have reigned and become the cornerstones of both CCBill's message and its mission. This year, the company plans to take payment processing to the next level. The past two years have been exciting ones at CCBill, with the release of its multi-currency and EU debit payment options, the Data Link Services Suite and Client Drive Settlements.

But, behind the scenes, the company has been busy staffing its development and product teams in both the U.S. and EU offices, and working around the clock in preparation for the delivery of its next generation of application services. The CCBill staff believes that, as this new suite of digital product services rolls out, their company will leave a lasting impression and have a beneficial affect on the bottom lines of all of the company's clients.

The first of these new services benefits everyone. Within the next few weeks, CCBill will release its new Global Load Balancing service on all transactions, ensuring 100 percent uptime on every transaction that CCBill processes.

Clients can rest assured that CCBill processes transactions at all times of the day and night, unaffected by outside factors such as wide-scale DOS attacks or periodic maintenance.

Not far behind will be the launch of CCBill's new merchant account and gateway services offer. The company now offers a simple path for business owners to acquire their own merchant accounts and access the services necessary to effectively maintain the health and life of their accounts. Merchant account clients will be able to choose from an assortment of quality services, including transaction gateways, multiple global processors, fraud prevention, web marketing, a chargeback workstation and 24/7 consumer support services. CCBill has learned from working with its adult webmaster clients and customers, and it has used that knowledge to create a "quick to market" system that helps small- and medium-sized content owners and distributors to compete in the large online marketplace.

Whether clients are established or new to the media scene, CCBill's ready-to-use system can allow them to create an attractive consumer experience and help sell new and repurposed content quickly and easily, with almost no upfront costs. From its Content Studio asset management service to its new Digital Store Front solution with catalog builder, shopping cart and download manager, all of CCBill's tools and services will soon be integrated with CCBill payment processing and reachable from one standard web-based interface.

In the summer, CCBill will release its redesigned admin system, which company reps say "will blow all the others away." The new system will offer user flexibility and combine functionality, performance and good design.

CCBill also has a new Web Marketing Service affiliate system, which comes with an assortment of new features for sponsors and affiliates.

The system will offer click and traffic monitoring, site and program management, stats, reports and cascading affiliate signup and management.

CCBill provides world-class solutions with trust and reliability, and constantly updates its products and services to take its clients to the next level of online processing.

Laurie Biviano has been with CCBill since 2000. She is the vice president of education and marketing for CCBill and CWIE Holding Company Inc. Biviano can be reached at