Jacy Andrews

Vito Anthony
Jacy Andrews had been a lot of things before she became an adult star: an actress, a model, a publisher, a fisherman, a chef, a deckhand and a bartender. But her private investigation work as a contractor for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office resonates the most with her.

As anyone who's seen Martin Scorsese's hit film "The Departed" can attest, undercover police work isn't for the faint of heart.

Andrews experienced much of that tension firsthand. She says she is personally responsible for putting away a slew of crooked cops, many of whom still hold grudges against her. Andrews also says she still has a price on her head.

Raised by a homicide investigator, Andrews always wanted to be a cop, but bad knees nixed that career.

Her path eventually led her to a triple- X modeling career, and the day before she signed a contract with Wicked Pictures, the L.A. County Sheriff's Office offered her work on a contract basis as an undercover operative. She accepted.

"It was very difficult," Andrews said. "I spent many nights in my car just thinking about my safety."

She recounted how she personally observed many corrupt law officers stealing money from drug dealers and planting drugs on innocent victims.

"I did it for five years," she said. "The stress was terrible. I felt awful about it, too — even though these people were doing despicable things. It was tough having to take down the 33-year vet who made some bad mistakes. Part of it was great but the other part, it broke my heart."

But the more she was promoted, the more the job burned her out. Andrews was eventually moved from high-crime Compton to a much smaller, much safer locale, but when she was eventually laid off, she was prompted to question the very nature of her work for the past several years.

"I was like, 'What am I gonna do now?'" Andrews remembers. After a short stint in insurance sales, she flashed back to her days as an adult model. Inspiration struck.

She called her previous manager, who immediately asked if she was still in shape. Andrews' many hobbies include deep-sea fishing, dancing, snow skiing, swimming and rollerblading — all of which keep her trim. Her manager agreed to take her back.

Andrews is currently wrapping up work on an HBO series and is busy filming scenes for several adult companies including Pistol Whip Media, Hush Hush Entertainment and New Sensations.

Andrews doesn't miss living on the edge. Without so many guns pointed at her head, she said she finds herself more at ease with the world.

"It's so wonderful," she said of her adult work. "It's such a great job."

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