Cam Model Strategies for Taking Members to Private Shows

Cam Model Strategies for Taking Members to Private Shows
Andra Chirnogeanu

It’s not easy being a cam girl. Whoever thinks it is, should just log on for one day and see how it feels. From the way you have to look, to the things you have to say, not to mention keeping everything on point, dealing with trolls and maintaining a smile on your face … cam models basically work in adult customer service, haha.

I’m kidding, of course, but if you come to think about it, a cam model deals with every type of person there is, from the nice guys that fall in love and need to be let down gently, to the haters and eccentrics with weird fetishes that would mystify even the great Sigmund Freud.

I usually go for dirty talk, that’s a turn on for men. To make a ember come the second time, I make him feel wanted and appreciated and I give him he best show that he’s ever had. -LexieFord, Cam Model

So, I’ve asked the incredibly talented team of #GirlsFromStudio20 to tell me how they deal with tricky customers, but most importantly, what their strategies are to encourage tipping and private show requests!

Sasha Red shared, “You know, that’s a tough topic. It really depends on the member that you are talking with. For me, I have my regular members that as soon as I log on they take me to private show. But at the beginning of my camming days, I did some stupid stuff like being too flirty and saying ‘hey, baby, I’m horny, why won’t you take me to private already?’ Of course, that didn’t work. It really backfired, because I looked like someone that was only about the money. I can honestly tell you, though, that I was just bored and wanted someone to talk to.”

Meanwhile, Aubrey Nova confided, “My method, if you want to put it that way, is to give them a peek of what they would get if they enter a private show with me. I love dancing and I have a great body, haha, so sometimes I just have to swing my hips and the boys will get there. But, there’s a thin line between a quick peek and giving it away for free. If you’re too sexy, they’ll finish the umm ... ‘job,’ without you, if you know what I mean.”

As for Rebecca000, she suggested, “You have to get to know a member before you go to a private show with him. Ask questions and genuinely be interested in what he tells you. See what he wants and/or likes — from the sexual stuff, to his day-to-day interests. Most of my private shows are talk-based and that’s how I do it. See it as a way for you to learn new things, brighten your horizons. It’s easier if you think about this job like you are the hostess at a party where you don’t know anyone. To have a great party, you have to know your guests. And as all great parties go, someone’s going to get to the bedroom, hehe.”

SophyDavis, a newcomer in the cam industry who is already giving successful vets a run for their money, said, “In my opinion, the only way to make a member take you in private, is to be yourself. I usually tease them. I dance, show my curves, give them a sneak peak of what a private show is all about with me. I have naturally big boobs and I use them a lot in the free area to attract a member. I play with them, get close to the camera and run my hands on my boobs.

“I always make sure to leave some mystery there, though,” she advised. “I never tell them everything about myself. If a member asks what I can do, I tell him ‘let’s go in private and you’ll find out, and trust me you won’t be disappointed.’ But, I never exaggerate with ‘come in private.’ I don’t insist too much, that doesn’t work. I try to get to know the members first. I ask them about themselves, where they’re from, what they like, about their passions and dreams. And I noticed that saying I want them makes all the difference. For example, if a member says ‘I want you to be mine’ I will always answer ‘I’d love that too, and what are you going to do about that?’

“After a member takes me in private, I try to get to know him even more and try to make a connection,” SophyDavis continued. “I always try to make him feel comfortable with me. And usually after the first show they’re in love with me … haha. I ask him what his desires are and what he wants to see. I dance, I give him a show and after that we talk and talk some more. After the private show is done, I always send them a message, saying how much I enjoyed our time together and that I wish they’ll come again the next day, and they usually do.”

LexieFord, one of the hottest models Studio 20 has, is not afraid to express her sexuality. “Well, my face helps a lot,” she confessed. “Having sensual lips makes members want me. And so does my body. I usually dance and tease them. I use every single part of my body to make a member come in private. If, for example, a member says that he likes my lips, I tell him something like ‘ohhh, you have no idea what I can do with my lips and my tongue,’ then I lick and suck on my finger. Then, I tell him to stop wasting his time and just come into private so we can spend the greatest day of his life. That turns them on quickly and they take me in private.

“If a member likes my ass, and to be honest, who doesn’t … haha … I ask him different sexual stuff that makes him want to take me to a private show,” LexieFord added. “I usually go for dirty talk, that’s a turn on for men. To make a member come the second time, I make him feel wanted and appreciated and I give him the best show that he’s ever had. And after the private, I send them a message with what I will do in the next private, that’s gold baby. I listen to their problems, I get to know them, I make them happy and they will come back for sure.”

Andra Chirnogeanu is the public relations manager for Studio 20, an elite cam studio enterprise and global brand, with locations ranging from Romania to Hollywood, Calif. Follow her on Twitter @AndraPRKiru and visit Studio 20 at


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